Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Asshole Idea Of "Carbon Belch Day"

Now here's a little bit o' news I found over at my new favorite green news blog Earth First. Appropriately placed in their "haters" section, there are some fellows over at who think it is super fun to rape the planet of natural resources and ignore the need of millions of poor. They have invented Carbon Belch Day so that all the insane ignorant jerks of the world who are enjoying their posh middle to upper class lifestyles (because poor can't participate in most carbon belching suggestions) can push the environmental envelope as far as it can go by using AS MUCH energy as they possibly can. How? Well, with the Carbon Belch Calculator you can find out just how much damage you would enjoy doing..."guilt free" of course - by "doing a partial load of laundry, including meat in two meals a day (bonus for having steak for dinner), take a plane trip, host a party, have a BBQ, and drink a beer". And when your brainwashed short attention span tires of those carbon belching highs you can "light a campfire, watch television, smoke 4 cigars, go boating, and then take an 8 minute shower".

Now as with all asshole groups who are actually trying to destroy something rather then make it better here is a perfect hypocritical statement from their site, where they degrade carbon offsets because they "cost money" and then ask for your $$ donation for their site to help them with their right wing anti-environmental agenda. LOL!

"Perhaps the most absurd aspect of the entire Climate Alarmist agenda is the burgeoning "carbon credit" industry. To offset our green guilt, we are told to "buy" carbon credits to supposedly neutralize our CO2 footprint. Somehow, this bogus idea of environmental indulgences has become accepted as a real and valid way to deal with our Carbon Guilt.That’s why we’ve "created" Carbon Belch Debits (CBDs) -- a meaningless term that will have just as much impact on Al Gore’s "planetary emergency" as the carbon credits.How Carbon Belch Debits WorkHere’s how it works. For a gift of $10 to help -- the sponsor of Carbon Belch Day -- with this and other efforts, you can fund a “Carbon Belch Debit” (CBD). With that $10, will run banner ads and other internet efforts to get more people involved in this campaign to save the planet and expand other efforts. We estimate that each $10 Carbon Belch Debit (CBD) will allow us to reach about 1,000 people through Drudge Report ads and other efforts."

Charisma and humor can only last so long when you have a smug and uncompassionate agenda - just like Hitler knew how to do, yep, Grassfire is using the same style of power trippin' play on words propaganda as the king jerk of history.

Now before you read their highly hummer lovin' earth invisible ideals, brace yourself - because you too could become a hater... a hater of the grassfire asshole mentality.

News Via: Earth First, Image: on Flickr (and OH doesn't the picture just say it all!)


Eco-Girl said...

What idiots! These guys obviously have too much time on their hands and are wanting to make an extra buck at the expense of our environment.

Colleen said...

What a bunch of douchebags.

Nickcoelodeon said...

Sounds like someone is trying to compensate for having overly small and useless genitals... At least there ideas will kill them earlier, decreasing the surplus population of irritating pricks.

Morgan said...

This idea is so juvenile it belongs on Sesame Street. My favorite quote from Elliott: "in fact, since energy is the lifeblood of our economy, a healthy carbon belch just might do some good!" Skeptics have already brainwashed children in that bizarre WorldNet Daily contest, and now this -- hmmm...what could possibly be next? If you want to check out a funny take on Carbon Belch Day and all the latest eco-news, check out TitanTV's Daily Greens! Enjoy!