Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eco Designer Interview: RYANN

Leslie @The Oko Box Interviews Raina B. Of RYANN:
What steps in your life led you to choose designing fashion in an environmentally conscious way? Was it gradual or was there a sudden revelation?
A little of both, it happened over the course of a year while working in fashion for another designer. I have always been concerned with environmentalism and social justice. I think it took a while for me to connect the dots to how I could relate those ideas to the fashion industry. It came mostly from knowing what I did not want to do. When I decided I wanted to do eco-fashion I hardly knew what that entailed or what the process would be.

Do you believe your personal style influences your designs? Do you get inspired by vintage patterns or modern fashion?
I get inspired from everything and yes my personal style definitely influences design, but does not control it.I am inspired mostly by people and their moods and personalities.

Which side of the environmental fence do you ride more, organics or fair labor?
I try to do both, I try to be conscious in everything, the packaging, manufacturing, fabrics, its hard, there are some things you don't have control over.

How have your customers influenced your life?
They keep me going, if it weren't for the positive feed back I get I wouldn't be doing this at all.

Who taught you to sew? How old were you? Was it a passion or a struggle at first? (I ask this cause I'm struggling while learning to sew!)
My mother taught me to sew when I was about 3 years old, at that time I learned to hand sew pillows. As I got older I learned to make clothes, it was definitely a struggle. I was stubborn and hated following directions, I was always looking for short cuts, it took many many years before I made anything wearable.

Can you share your vision of the future, and how you believe choices like ethical clothing can make a difference in the world?
I believe that everything we do makes a difference in the world good or bad. It can be a direct influence, an energetic influence, sending positive messages, making people think, inspiring others. That's why its important to make sure everything you do is a reflection of how you would like the world to be on a larger scale.

Feel free to share any other thoughts, comments, DIY ideas, and ways you keep your life "green" or ways we can too .
Additional thoughts....hmmm Never underestimate the impact you have on others, so always try to make it a positive one.Tips for being green, turn off lights, open windows and turn down that AC in the summer, and of course bring your own bag!!
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