Sunday, June 15, 2008

High Waisted Pants Trend

In the not too long ago distant past, about 8 years ago pants still came up to your belly button. Whenever I looked back on those old pics, no matter how punk rock I may have dressed those high waisted pants seemed to look dorky. The main reason I was glad they went out of style though was because pants that are tight around your major digestive organs can actually cut off blood flow during digestion and screw up your metabolism. To me this sounds horrible , being that I have Celiac Sprue (digestive autoimmune disease) and I certainly don't won't to cause any probs with the natural flow of digestive juices. Also I find that even though the style is visually interesting it seems puritanical in it's attempt to get your zipper higher and higher up to your neck. I think I will stick to my low rise, and thank Britney Spears for bringing it back down to a healthy level. :)
Do ya'll love this new high waisted trend, did you never leave the high waist trend, or are you sticking with your low rise pants?

Photo: Organic High Waisted Pants By John Patrick


Anonymous said...

Ig I wore highwaisted pants it would look kinda weird given my "muffinTop" stuffed in there!!LOL!!

Fantasnick said...

I always try to wear my pants just above my nipples to give myself the extra support and comfort my nipples need and deserve!