Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drive in the Rain


just a rainy day drive in the mountains.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Kitten VS Donkey

JuJu the donkey made a new friend. Sort of. He seemed to be just chasin' tail!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

TINY grasshopper (grey, tan, camo colored)

Soooo tiny, like the size of my pinky finger nail. anddd, it looks like little tiny wings on its back, but it's just two tan dots that are part of the pattern.
I like to think of them as evolving dragon wings.

Loooooook at his amazing old man, stone henge, pouty, big nosed face!!!! it's like something you see in a nursing home.
A face i love!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hanging Laundry To Dry (with JuJu the donkey and Bruiser the dog)

The Flagyl antibiotics are wearing off.... and just in time for the sunshine to come back out... and i can be in it's bright heat again! I call um' hot hugs.
So, now i have to wash all the new underwear i bought because I burned all the ones i was wearing while having the Giardia parasites. Fuck that parasite, it stole my whole summer... i show no mercy. I play no games, and i take no chances. Out with the old farted panties, in with the new!

Time to wash down all my clothes and really scrub the cabin (to shine like the top of the chrysler building?) too... just in time cause my mom who has cleaning OCD arrived in town yesterday and due to come over this week.... HELP mom, you must use your special talent on my sinks and toilet! Make it safe again! ;) ha ha

Oh yeah, and here is my life in video.... exciting yes? Just me and the animals hanging laundry together.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Magical Carrots::: ft. bruiser, juju and jen

My friend jen came to visit me and the animal crew today... and she brought JuJu her own bag of carrots. They really helped JuJu with not wanting to stomp on Bruiser the Dog...
Here is a video of how the carrots work like magic...

Thanks Jen for coming for a visit! You are such an awesome friend !!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bug and Dog and Gang

When things shift, for me it always seems to be a violent shift.... but an invisible one. It's like a horrible fart that makes no sound, but the smell wakes you in the night, and you think WTF has that dog been eating in the woods?
My life... silent but deadly... smelt it but didn't delt it?

I have a dog now. My neighbors dog who is known as the neighborhood "whore dog" (AKA, Bruiser) - because he can't seem to stay at home. He doesn't say why and it doesn't matter how he ended up back at my house... he is here now. A big bag a gluten free dog food, and I made him his own pillow bed from some wool and fabric. He seems content, and has not yet run away.
I was feeling a bit more then disappointed this week, because the local primitive & outdoors living skills classes (called Firefly) was happening and i missed it due to having to take the Flagyl anti-biotics to kill the mean, evil, worthless giardia (parasite) that was plaguing my intestines.
And kill it, it seems to have done. Kill many things. No more diarrhea! YAY... but oh the fuckin' side effects that linger and my body is eager to throw off toxins, which means now the waves of nausea are again my pal. A friend I have to tell to go away.
I chant over and over "but no more diarrhea!"

I have noticed with the weird weather we are having this summer (it never gets hot here, and now it is downright chilly!)... the variety of bugs has shifted a bit from last year. I have seen maybe 3 live mosquitoes all summer. Had only one night of No-See-Ums.... and the moths are slightly different too. And remember the giant bug that got in bed with me? The Palo Root Borer Beetle....
here is a video of one outside, looking for a place to lay eggs and then actually laying them in a dead log outside the Luck Cabin!......

My animal gang is my joy, entertainment, my drama, and my laughter.
If you replace "my animal gang" with "my future man" ... that totally sounds like a terrible 'walk on the beach' personals ad. ha ha. I bet these guys would love to walk on the beach too... maybe i can book that whole animal crew and myself a plane ride to the Caribbean, the donkey would love it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Floor Oiling 'Ballet' !

Originally when i finished my woods floors, I made my own non toxic oil out of bees wax, walnut oil, salt and vinegar (cooked a lil'). Now when i want to give it a quick re-finish i go over it with just the walnut oil.

I do it by hand... usually on my hands and knees. This time all i used my knees for was the dancing, swaying, sliding, fun because I oiled the floor using my feet! I took two wash rags and two rubber bands and fastened it to my shoes. :)))
Slip N Slideeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Luck Cabin For Sale

The Luck Cabin..... built in 1970 by some mountain man.... hardly touched until 2010/11 by me.... i did a total transformation to this cabin. I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life. But it ain't gonna happen. And now it's official, a small piece of my sweat and soul is for purchase.
$120,000.... and all this can be yours (see list under the pictures!) :))))
Above - outside shower, below is the back deck...
the mini barn with built in chicken coop me and my uncle designed and built.
and here is the front door.... go inside....
the living room and kitchen are open to each other... the loft is up top...

bathroom has composting toilet (dont worry i will clean it out before i leave), clawfoot tub and little birdbath sink...
and the one bedroom.....
ALL ABOUT IT :::::::::::::::

--- composting toilet
--- grey water system for sink and tub
--- gravity fed spring water to house, with outside non electric pump
--- pond
--- mini barn with storage space and chicken coop
--- fenced in approx. 1 acre
---property approx 8 acres
--- flat, sloping, steep, wooded, small cleared area for garden
---claw foot tub, stain glass window, outside shower
--- locally milled hickory wood floor
--- new metal roof with 40 year warranty
--- PEX (pecs) plumbing
--- gravel road
--- large deck and covered porch on three sides
---creek, springs
--- satellite internet, with French Broad's Broadband being installed
--- electric stove, electric fridge
--- new storm windows
--- woodstove

You Burn Bras, I Burn Panties

For the last week, I have been taking a antibiotic called "Flagyl".... it kills protozoa. While raging through the waves of illness and side effects to the drugs - i decided to take the time to test out my skills at being OCD. I am not so good at it, but i have mopped my floors about 4 times this week (more then i usually do all year), i have washed clothes, scrubbed the tub and sinks several times, i have taken everything out cabinets and wiped them down. Soon i will do a second round on cleaning out the composting toilet (supremely unpleasant now!)

Then as a final anti-parasite ritual (with practical purpose) i decided to buy all new underwear and burn the hell out of the pairs i have been wearing since i got sick.
Wasteful? yeah.... well, so are sick people who use tons of toilet paper, medicines, resources, and waste away doing nothing but being ill ---- and i dont want to re-infect myself, or some other person. My panties were the main thing i own that could questionably harbor the parasite because i don't have a dryer to high heat kill them, and with the summer humidity I can't quite get anything "dry" around here.
So BURNNNnnn bayb burn. Sorry panties.

The antibiotics have halted the diarrhea finally....but it's not like I went back to normal, because with all the other symptoms the pills cause i don't know left from right.
It's akin, to being a zombie, who has demons exercised out ya body, with sick gaggable nausea, headaches, stiff neck, and sleepy brain... with a side order of cramps, paranoia, confused/disjointed thoughts, and jumpy body parts. WTF. Oh and i can't go in the sun at all!!!
Vampire maker pills!


Monday, July 4, 2011

We No Speak Americano (dance!)

I drank some Usnea tea and had a lil' burst of energy. YAY!
So here is my July 4th tribute. Except i forgot it was July 4th until a little while ago. oh! bad bad americano, i am!


Ghost Of Myself

I went on a ghost story binge yesterday.... which made me want to make my own fake ghost picture in the Luck Cabin.
So here is me, dead and haunting you.
In other news.... the test results came back from the allopathic doctor and I am free of parasites they say. Like 100%.
Only thing that sucks about that, is i only got about 30-40% better after having took the Para-shield pills. So what next?
Even though i paid the doctor in full and many many hundreds of my dollars, they refused to call me back and tell me what route i should take. Also they told me to go to my family doctor, which i dont have, DUH, cause most doctors suck. Then they promised to refer me after the holiday ends. But only to a GI clinic which i have been before that treated me very badly.
GO US health care!

So...... for now I will concentrate on balancing the after-battle damage. (parasites and all methods to kill the little shitheads can really put your digestive track out of whack and under serious distress. )
Fingers crossed.... for probiotics, usnea tea, salt baths, happy thoughts, etc.....
a wise man asked me recently "is this a hill you are willing to die on"....
fuck no. Not ready to be the ghost of myself just yet.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

To The Local Farmers Market

Warning ::: this video, is a bit dizzy ....


HUGE Black Ant (with golden stripes)

I was peeling back some bark on a dead hemlock tree, which is laying on the ground near my cabin.... mindlessly, i ripped a big piece off and found the biggest ant ever under there!!! Big ant, with big ant egg sacs... and no other ant like it in sight.
A giant loner.
Jet black with light golden hairs and rings on it's back end...
A dark loner.
An ant who doesnt lay but a small amount of eggs, it seems to manage on it's own.
A single loner.
Does anyone know what kind of ant this is?

Friday, July 1, 2011

BURn Buuurrrnnn

That is my toilet paper burning. Yeah, sometimes i burned it before instead of compost it (it's a good way to start a bon fire)..... but this time i burn it with vengeance, witchery, science, and anger. I burn it to kill. I burn it it to rid the world of just a few more of the parasites which poison water throughout the world.
While I still wait for the test results to come back from the doctor about what exactly has invaded my body via my pond.... but i know what it is, the tests are just some scientific confirmation and a ticket to do more aggressive killing tactics. In the meantime... i burn things. I burn my toilet paper. I burn the junk i shovel out my composting toilet.
I burn with a motivation, an anger specific to an invasion of your body. Battle ground.
Sometimes I have moments of relief, while other times the pain from the parasites is so great that i sit slumped over and cry... i cry so sincerely that my bunnies and chickens and duck come to see what is wrong. The donkey will hee haw.
If a girl cries in the woods, do the trees hear her sounds?
I feel haunted by these parasites, by my own past which i forgot i had left behind until these last 5 weeks...
I refuse to live this way again. And so while i wait, i burn it away.
Piece by piece.
Note To Universe ::: pleasssseeee make this end, ASAP. please.