Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bye Bye Clunky Solar Panels, Hello Thin Solar Strips

Remember what a big deal it was to go from 8-track cartridges to cassettes, and then from big records to CD's and then CD's to an I-Pod ?!! As with all technology things just keep getting smaller, and thank gawd for the environment that this is such a hip thing to do. Computers, phones, music devices have all shrunk. All the more reason for gadgets made with the environment in mind to shrink in weight also - and finally the big clunky solar panels have done so. A huge advance in solar technology has lead to thin solar strips for your roof- no more giant installation projects that put holes in your roof to be harnessed. Read this article from Low Impact Living to get the techie scoop !


Francis Bell said...

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ZenHomeEnergy said...

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Thesolar said...

Solar panels being used for many years now, but cost of production to have own solar powered generator at your own home typically very high but the efficiency low, making them largely ineffective source of energy.

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