Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's Magic Word: UPCYCLING

The concept of upcycling completely enthralls me, the way I imagine an archaeologist feels when they stumble onto a new site full of bones that they'll have to reassemble. But I am stumbling onto a gravesite of old out of style garments left to collect dust in wayward thrift shops. The fuglier the better when it comes to upcycling because you know that crazy ole' puff sleeve prom dress with the big stain on it will never be used again in it's current condition. For those of you who are new to the word, as I was not too long ago, Wikipedia describes upcycling in plane terms like this : "Upcycling is the use of waste materials to provide useful products. Ideally, it is a reinvestment in the environment and embodiment of the notion that while using resources one is also contributing to them and their value. This is antithesis of the consume and waste concept in society."
So I have this box of super ugly clothes that I am setting out to transform into adorable new creations. To learn more about all you can do to green the craft of upcycling check out this post at Crafting A Green World. To see a great example of upcycling check out Clare Bare @ The Oko Box.

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