Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I Use the USPS Exclusively

I have had a little odd obsession with how the USPS mail service works since I was very young. My Elementary school BFF (Cindy Ohler) did an experiment once where she addressed a letter to herself, put me as the return address and then put no stamp. And the letter she wrote me arrived about 2 weeks later, saying it was being returned for postage on the envelope. Her experiment worked! I became an avid pen pal to a gazillion people in highschool, and in true punk rock fashion I would put my American Flag stamps upside down in protest to 'stupid government'. I got to know my mailman really well, and was like a dog with the delivery guy- with ears perked for when his mail car would drive up and I'd go flying to the door.
I use the USPS exclusively for delivering packages at The Oko Box, I do not ever use UPS or Fed Ex, or DSL and the like - and here are my environmental views as to why this is best::::
The USPS is always coming to your house & hood, they don't have to ever make special trips or plan a special route to get there, no extra gasoline was used to get there like with Fed Ex. The USPS is already coming no matter what, so why create an extra shipping footprint by using a service that has to plan the trip just for your package. Plus I just love the USPS.
And maybe it's just me, but I think their uniforms are cuter too, too bad they aren't organic! ;)


Clare said...

Haha! I love the return address trick! That's amazing- don't know why I never thought of it....

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
I thought you'd like to see one more reason to use the USPS; it is the only shipping company to earn silver level cradle-to-cradle certification from from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) for human and environmental health.

To learn more about our environmental efforts, visit the new USPS green page at:

The Oko Box said...

that is so awesome! Thanks for sharing, that takes my love for the USPS even further! YAY, even certified!