Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting A Used Bike (I Sold My Car)

A few weeks ago I sold my only car, which actually was a Ford Ranger truck that got really good gas mileage. I would love to say the only reason I sold it is because I am a brave environmental crusader- but actually my #1 reason for selling is because I have seizures. Seizures are super bad to drive with, and maybe on par with driving while intoxicated since it's totally dangerous.
Since then I have been on a mission to get myself a bike... 2 times I walked nearly 2 miles to the Recyclery- a rad place where bikes are built and cared for by using all used parts. My first trip they were closed, my second trip I learned they sort of help you put the bike together with you and not for you. As much as I love to learn new skillz, I can not sit in a dark cave full of endless WD40 cans. It smelled like my Cajun crawfish farming Grandpaw's chemical smelled like a seizure. Disappointed and feeling like the other punks there thought I was a wimpster since they started ignoring me and talking to their other friends, I decided to walk on. Then I found Hearn's Bike Shop! "Possibly the oldest in the US"... impressive. I walked in feeling tired, haggard, rejected and in dire need to find a bike - preferably the purple bike of my dreams.
Immediately I was welcomed by nice relaxed dudes who were so totally helpful, didn't make me feel dumb, and asked me to go down into "the dungeon" to see a bike my size...I think he called it "tween" size. Purple! Used! Perfect! (And no zombies or people chained to the wall down there, just bikes). When we got the bike upstairs though, another worker walks by and says "that one is sold"...ahhhhhh. Broken hearted. He says "I have another in the back of my truck" - which they bring in. PURPLE! USED! PERFECT! Another clunky fulgy purple bike to love (almost as cool as Pee Wee's bike in his Big Adventure, but not really). I got a pink bike helmet and talked about safety things such as shoving my shoe laces into my Ethletic Sneakers. And I was off and feeling pretty cool about my purchase being not only eco friendlier then a car, but also used - I get two green stars for this one! :)

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Maybe we can go biking sometime now.