Monday, August 1, 2011

Larry Hopsalot (grasshopper)

(As named on FaceCrack by my friend Shannon.)

It's a face that more then a mother will love.



Fuzzy Arm'ed Moth (Brown, Black and White)

Omgawd! wow. This tiny beautiful moth now rivals the great big Lunar moth in supreme awesomeness (in my mind)! This is the first time i have ever seen a moth with extended arms that look completely like a furry fuzzy beast fists.
The coloring is also very bold, and stunning - I am not sure how this works in nature as far as camo... it reminds me a hipster wedding cake.... so maybe it can hide at annoying, hip weddings? I would hide too.
Mr. Fuzz Arms did not blend in well with the colors of wood. But possibly it does with a tree that has alot of white fungus/mushrooms growing on it.

Does anyone know the name of this moth and what caterpillar it comes from?