Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bio Bags: Put Your Pet Poop Where It Belongs

Being that most environmentally conscience folks are also some serious animal lovers it can be a huge point of frustration to deal with your pet's poop. I myself have wondered about the many ways I have seen and tried and contemplated about our best buddy's waste issue. I have been attacked by the smell of a giant poop pile behind a barn where my landlady was piling her blind, deaf, and nose broken old dog's poo- and I have been in annoyed in NYC when stumbling upon a upper east side late night poop and run ...and I know that everyone of us has stepped in it at least 2 times in our lives in our own yard. I read that flushing it kills penguins or something somewhere. Hec, some punk ass & bored teens even leave you their poop on your lawn (this happened to my cousin this week- twice!) :::*Enters Bio Bags* :::
Bio Bags have now come on the scene to save your day from poop stench and environmental guilt because they actually biodegrade! Although they say they are for "dog waste", I personally believe they can transition over fine to cat poop scooped out your litter box (full of Feline Pine, Corn Litter or Shweat Scoop of course). Here's what they have to say about Bio Bags for pets over at ReusableBags.Com "the waste and the BioBag can be thrown in your backyard compost, where both items will decompose naturally; the waste and bag can be buried, where micro-organisms will quickly eat both; the waste and bag can be set at curbside with other yard waste where communities collect biodegradable waste for composting. Lightweight & highly compressible, it’s easy to carry a bunch in your pocket while taking the dog for a walk. "
Now that is a bad ass biodegradable bag! And your pet poop probs are solved :)

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