Sunday, June 15, 2008

Organic Baby & Toddler Clothes That'll Make You Smile

These might be my favorite organic baby & kid clothes I have ever seen. Maybe it appeals to my inner Beetlejuice or my love for all things that bumble, either way Happy Green Bee will rock your itty bitty socks off.
The patterns are bold, fun stripes of all sorts of varying colors and come in a variety of mix and match styles - kimonos wraps, fairy dresses, skirts, leggings and cardigans... whatever your baby feels most comfy in, they've got it! I actually don't have any kiddos myself, but if I did I would certainly be dressing them up in these fun organic duds... in fact I kinda wish I could go around dressing up everyone else's kids in these swirl suits! ;)
Thanks to 1Plus1 for finding this great store so I could share too -who ironically said they don't have kids either but couldn't help but write about Happy Green Bee. ;)


Erika said...

These are quite adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Frances said...

These organic baby clothes aren't just cute and eye-catching, they also last longer up to more than 100 washes compared to other types of baby clothing.

Kids Dresses said...

Organic cotton clothing for babies can be considered as an outcome of the growing concern over clothing safety standards. It is a reflection of the growing need of those having chemical sensitiveness. Kids Dresses