Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting Your Earth Friendly Freak On

Earth lovin' products that are actually for lovers are hitting mainstream, and thank gawd too - we no longer have to wear chemical processed fabrics and use chemical leeching toys. The cool part is there is no sacrifice for style or pleasure, the eco lingerie is not made of leftover burlap sacks (although I bet someone will try to do that in the next year), and the toys come in options beyond glass or some old world wood (which both can splinter! OUCH!)

There are options like the Laya Spot pictured here, which are made from Elastomer, a special plastic that does not contain hazardous hormone disrupting chems but still manages to not be rock hard. It's also German made, and for some reason to me that automatically equals awesome.
Then there's tech savvy planetary hero toys like the Solar Sensations Vibrator, which only need be charged up by the sun or even lamp light to get buzzin' along. And if you like to get extra freaky & sneaky with your solar power there's now the Solar Kitty Strap On, which is a wearable vibrator in a lovely purple colored silicone kitty shape. Meow!
If you are feeling overwhelmed with choices, you can always opt for the Babeland Eco Delight Kit (pictured here) which will get you started in exploring your saucy eco side and take out the pain of hunting out each product individually. It comes with organic based lube, eco vibe, Swedish condoms, and a soy wax massage candle too!
Don't feel left out if you are an eco sexy guy - there's elastomer cock rings that vibrate and elastomer masturbation sleeves like the Mavrick (what a good name!), and butt plugs made of glass (I know I know I said they could splinter, so plug at your own discretion.)
If that's not enough *ehem* stimulation you can always test out the only eco porn around, especially if you like alot of dread headed ladies and men, and benefiting the rainforest!
If you happen to be feeling super virginal, and maybe cause you are one... skip all this and go straight to Scarleteen, my favorite sex ed website in the whole whole whole world!


pornickraphy said...

Hmmm yes, I will take one of each please (minus the butt plug).... Super sexy. Raise your hand if you agree with me would you miss?

SexToyRick said...

Great post on Sex Toys :) Just stopped by and was reading your blog :) Kudos :)