Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tan Moth, with green/blue and yellow stripes on head

I have never seen one of these moths in my life, and i think it's won a special place in the corner of my heart that i have reserved just for bad ass moths.
The contrast of the green/blue fuzzy head stripes.... with the subtle shades of tan in outlined waves on it's wings... omg, it's too cool. Sometimes understated beauty is best.

There were actually several of these moths all in one spot outside my front door. Has anyone ever seen one of these before, or can give me an ID on what type of moth it is?

A Woods Walk (much tiny beauty)

Since I have been sick the whole month of june (with suspected parasites from my pond, still waiting for test results to come back) .... i haven't been able to really walk much in the forest. I have been resting my body alot. The anti parasite herbal remedies i took made me half better, so today i went for a walk to see what the forest floor would behold. Cause if you look real close, there is always something going on - no matter how tiny the patch of ground you choose.
I found wild red bee balm, and mannnnnny mushrooms pushing their way up from the dirt...
Mushrooms hold some kind of magic, and no i don't mean the hallucinating and poisoning your enemy kind.... i mean, the way they always look like something in a fairy tale. Always manage to be beautiful, mysterious, and a sign of nature at it's best.
I saw alot of these tiny white flowers, which hang like bells or rain drops... or a saddness that is stunning in it's beauty.

I always get supremely excited when i see these mushrooms that look like underwater coral! I love when sea and land are so similar.
Tiny red wildflower.... growing near the red bee balm, but is not bee balm. Just a disguise.

White Moth with Black Spots

Freaking beautiful! I haven't seen one like this in many many years... maybe since i lived in Baton Rouge, LA.

It's like a white cheetah, or leopard! Anyone want to ID this moth, and what it's caterpillar looks like too??
I Looooooove eet!

Little Black Snake in my Bedroom

More snake-ness!!! love it.

Anddddd, Frank Zappa's Baby Snakes song....


Monday, June 27, 2011

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Help Me ID this Mushroom!

I found these big brown mushrooms growing out of a log that had been inoculated with edible mushroom spores about 2 years ago...
only problem is, i wasn't the one who stuck the spores in there and I have no idea which types of mushrooms they might be.... or if they are from the spores at all. The logs were already here at the Luck Cabin when i moved in.

Can anyone help me figure out, if this is an edible mushroom?
here are some other viewpoints... side and underneath, showing the gills....
The brown color is very rich and healthy looking... these mushrooms are also really large and round - thick (but not as thick & heavy as a portabella).


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HUGE Ass Bug! Whoa...

When this big bug entered my bedroom, i seriously thought it was a giant Louisiana cockroach at a glance..... fast moving, brown, huge, with those roachy legs!
Then it jumped in bed with me... omGAwd. Now i am not a bug-phobe as ya'll know, but this thing was making crunching noises and sounded like it was the size of mouse coming towards me. It kept crawling under my covers and under my pillow.....
since i don't usually sleep with strangers, i told him to get out of my bed.
It moved fast and furious, i could hardly get a good picture of it. And i could tell, this bug had bigger brains then most insects. It seemed to know things....
It's called the Palo Verde Root Borer .... a big name for a big boy. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Will Go With You

But probably i wont. :)))

Still working on getting better... dancing to release the stagnate energy in my body.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orange and Black Butterfly

Just pretty.


Leslie VS Parasites

Oh yeah.
the battle is ON! I am equipped now with Parasite killing meds, probiotics, and salty stuff to take mineral baths in. No more of this losing weight, diarrhea, sick, grossness.....
Time to DiE parasites!!!!! I've had enough of your shit (so to speak). I am bigger, more awesome, and gonna win.

And I have a little special dedication song for them.....
Dedicated to myself and the enemy who lives inside me! lol

BTW--- ten years ago i took the same natural parasite killing substances (black walnut hulls and Chinese wormwood) and it made me a bit.... mean (angry?) for the duration. Please excuse me, while i go in and out of stability the next week (or 3).


Monday, June 13, 2011

Mating Ladybugs

CUte! Little ladybugs mating on woodland nettles....
(woodland nettles sting, but not nearly as bad as stinging nettles...)
there was a whole lotta shakin' going on!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Strange Shrimp Headed Bug (with wings)

OMfreakin'Gawd.... check this insect out! What is going on here? It's amazingly freaky, uncommon, and almost looks like a bottom feeder from the ocean, but with tattered dragonfly wings!
Antenna a bit like a moth... legs strong like a grasshopper or cockroach.... construction like an alien from a horror movie.
If you saw this thing and it happened to be bigger then you, you would know for sure it was your last moments.
Mr. ShrimpHead got irritated with me taking photos of it, and opened it's damn mouth only to reveal a BIG yellow abyss, looking like the gates to hell, or like maybe a whole 'nother bug in and of itself. Bug monster within bug monster..... like looking in the hotel room bathroom mirror, where your reflection never ends.

I touched it very lightly once with a stick and it was very quick to be aggressive..... I backed off because I didn't want that yellow mouth piece to touch me. Ever.

Anyone know what kind of creature this is?


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creek Flood!

Most amazing rain storm exploded here today....

this (in the video below) is what it looked like after! There is a build up, as i walk down the road, to more and more intense amounts of water...


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Baby Duck Action!

Baby ducks are adorable!!!! (I am still really sick today, so my baby ducks have been a nice break and made me smile!)

Here is a video of when they arrived yesterday, and the neat-o fenced area my uncle built for them to stay safe in!


Moths On My Porch

Not everyone can be a giant beautiful Lunar Moth .... if you happen to notice them, the camo colored tiny moths are just as spectacular & unusual. But they blend in so well, it's not often I see any of these unless they come to my porch light and i squint closely at the wooden cabin walls to find them.
This first one, i have three pics of it because i have never seen this one before in my life... also it's curly wings and fuzzy face are amazingggg. Have speckled dots that almost resemble black glitter doesn't hurt either. :)))
Then there is a whole genre of moth that sticks it's ass out. Much like ladies do when walking and flirting, or dancers in a good music video.
Subtle stripes!
And this one below.... is like a ghost, a ghost who's love lies bleeding. Because for some reason to me it looks like it has a head wound. Zombie moths attack???
and this big grey guy has been around the last week. A round hemlet head and big wings!