Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Organic Sneakers=Happiness

Autonomie Project Ethletic Sneakers Rock! These pics here are of my pure happiness in my new organic sneakers that were made fair trade, organic, FSC approved, and ORGANIC ta' boot. I don't think there's another eco seal that could possibly be put on these sneaks to make them more perfect. Plus I gave them the hardcore test today, I walked 2 miles downtown on the hard pavement, gardened in the dirt, played in the grass, and subjected them to a photo shoot....... not only did they never once hurt my feet, but they feel like I am wearing slippers :)
They are so cozy and cute!
They look almost exactly like Chuck Taylor's, except they are slightly wider and little children in dark sweatshops didn't make them for NIKE, so they don't have bad karma all over them. YAY!
Get a pair for men, women, teens, tweens, and possibly midgets too (sizes range from men's 2-13 & women's 3.5-14.5) at The Oko Box :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Men's Organic Clothing

Looks like this Summer is going to be a hot one, and the only way to keep yourself and the planet cool is to be an eco crusader & consumer. The mad amount of consumerism in the US contributes to a large percentage of pollution and carbon emissions world wide. Walmart alone has created so much pollution that to even admit just how much CO2 they make each year it will take tons of "calculations", many secrets revealed and a long awaited press release that doesn't appear to ever have been delivered. Men, you are doing good, because you only make 20% of purchases which means you are a low spending low buying crowd. It will be that much easier for you resist the temptation to buy slave labor made products, that are bad for the environment - and to make planet healthy choices such as hand me down duds or when new is needed some organic clothing.
There was a day when there was no Walmart, no Target... and we all survived- local businesses even flourished. Slowly one by one, we can turn things around and make more ecologically sound choices.
If you are in need of nice new clothes ;) skip the scary mall trip and try organic clothing instead @ !!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Take A Bite: White Apricot

Do you know about White Apricot yet? It's an informative, high class newsletter for the eco inclined... but that's not all... it's also the place to find tons of coupons and discounts for the best eco fashion, beauty, and accessories online! Oh yay! (And The Oko Box is now taking part in it- see coupon above.) We know you want to green your wardrobe, but it can be quite expensive and then shipping online is an extra added cost, so the purpose of White Apricot is to reach eco shoppers who want to save the planet but need a coupon to make it more green in their wallet. GOOD IDEA! Check out all their coupons at

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Post Drought Giggles

(This is taken from the Mountain X-press Asheville Disclaimer-joke section of the paper- this is for some good after earth day giggles and gags).

Recently, the city lifted its voluntary water rationing, due to an excess of water in the North Fork Reservoir.
Here are some ways you can splurge on all that extra water:

• Bump family members back up to eight daily glasses.

• Replace your child's Skid 'n Scrape with a Slip 'n Slide.

• Rent a Gus Van Sant movie and take a shot of water every time nothing happens.

• If you want, you can use water to perform baptisms, instead of hot yogurt.

• Refill your hot tub with water once the 500 gallons of Cristal currently in it evaporate.

• Instead of collecting rainwater in cisterns like a neurotic green cheapskate, don't.

• Remember: You don't have to leave your parked car idling all night while you sleep to help melt the icebergs — we have extra water now.

• If a waiter asks you if you want a glass of water with your meal when you don't, say, "Shit, yeah," and then don't touch it.

• Paint a still-life using water colors and make the bowl of fruit gigantic.

• Instead of setting your fraternity pledges on fire, see how much water they can drink without dying.

• Go to Crazy Al's Used Water Lot with your paycheck because he's so crazy, he's practically giving away used water.

• When stirring up a new batch of water, use the recipe "H4-O2" to make it extra watery.

Soy and Banana Fiber Yarn

I can't tell you how excited I was to get my new natural fiber yarn from the other week. So excited in fact that I was worshiping the yarn and feared using it, cause what if I made something not worthy of it's perfection! It is that soft, smooth and awesome. I got two yarn fibers I have never crocheted with before - Soy and Banana Fiber ( also called Banana Silk), see the picture above. I started this week with the caramel colored soy yarn which is a dream to work with- it's soft and smooth, it doesn't get caught on the hook like many acrylic and wool yarns do, and each stitch slips right into place. I imagine that if we could crochet with butter, that this is what it would be like. The soy yarn is worth every penny, and since buying it online I have learned that my local Asheville yarn store called PURLS now carries a huge selection of natural fiber & organic yarns. Yippeeee!
I will keep you posted on the Banana Fiber yarn which I will be trying out next- not sure how it knits up yet but the feel and look of it is phenomenal.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Plus Size Organic Clothing!

In the realm of plus size clothing, finding some flattering organic styles is like finding a needle in a hay stack... especially since style is so individual and plus size eco clothing is rare. I have written two other posts about plus size organic clothing (one about Blue Fish Organics, and one from LoveToKnow which has mostly outdated links now). I am happy to say that my search is never ending and I have come up with something a little more elegant, flattering and way less crunchy then before - so if you happen to not be a hippie, this is for you!
Diane Kennedy is a plus size eco designer based in Canada who is making luxurious bamboo, soy, organic cotton and tencel clothing for women who wear larger sizes. Her green designs are cute, hip, flowy and made to flatter a full figure- the kind of clothes you can wear day, night, and even to work. Her designs were so sought after, that the demand for her to carry all sizes has now extended her fit from small to 3X (3-22).
Then there is designer Saffrona who has started an eco line called MEWV, who carries sizes XS-4X (0-28). Her eco designs are not only elegant, but hip and downright adorable(see pictures above). She also carries plus size evening wear, in addition to her flirty summer frocks. Her fabrics are soy, tencel, organic cotton, bamboo and hemp - some blended with lycra for extra stretch and durability.
YAY! Now we are really starting to get somewhere...
I promise to keep looking and always post any plus size organic clothing finds. In the meantime check out Diane and Saffrona, who are making an effort to change the organic fashion industry, so all sizes can be available.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Summer= Organic Bikini

Yippeeeee for the warm weather when it's time to lounge outside & get a little vitamin D from the sun in your new organic bikini! Don't have one yet? Thank Gawd The Oko Box has now got swimwear by designers KELLY B and MACHJA, so you can sport your eco beliefs on the beach this summer. Stock is very limited, so shop early for that mid summer vacation. And if you are going to an Italian beach, will you take me with you !?! :)
Get your organic bikini at !

Eco Peeve Friday: Lawnmowers

From now on every friday, I am going to rant about various longstanding eco pet peeves I have. (My list is already months long.)
This eco peeve friday is LAWNMOWERS!
Most gas guzzling machinery bothers me on some level, but lawnmowers have to be #1 on my list. People will mow their lawns every other day, mowing when the grass is already micro short just for some sense of suburban accomplishment. Not only is this wasting expensive fuel needed for more important shit then keeping grass way tiny, but the whole concept of keeping up a grass yard is pretty bizarre. Why have a lawn, when you could plant gardens, make stone paths, and then fill the surrounding area with clover. The clover won't get very big, is soft to walk on, doesn't need to be mowed, is very green,makes pretty flowers, and is more drought resistant then most types of grass (which these days are probably GMO anyway.) Plus you can buy clover seed in bulk for a very low price at seeds of change, much cheaper then planting grass.
Lawnmowers are also a continuous cause of noise pollution, and air pollution - according to the EPA "Each weekend, about 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using 800 million gallons of gas per year and producing tons of air pollutants. Garden equipment engines, which have had unregulated emmissions until very recently, emit high levels of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, producing up to 5% of the nation's air pollution and a good deal more in metropolitan areas. A conventional lawn mower pollutes as much in an hour as 40 late model cars (or as much as as much air pollution as driving a car for 100 miles)."
Super super Gross! People need better hobbies then mowing the lawn, if you need a release go pop your zits or join a gardening club and stop inflicting your suburban depression on our lungs and ears.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring/Summer 08 @ The Oko Box

Yesterday was the new spring/summer photo session for The Oko Box! Yay! Which means all the new items have arrived and are going to be available on the website in the next week. Fabulous French designs from Machja, gorgeous Austrian designs from GDG, bamboo tops by DOIE, and the ever so controversial tank from designer Katharine Hamnett that says "choose life". I could write a whole separate blog about the "choose life" tank, and probably will...
(but as a note here: this tank is from the original design for the WHAM video "wake me up before you go go" - it was intended to be anti-drug & anti-suicide...and NOT anti-abortion. The pro-life movement picked up this slogan, or stole it rather from designer Katharine Hamnett, and made it their motto after seeing the shirt on George Michael in the 1980's.)
This spring is really rocken' for Organic Clothing, the styles are getting more hip, more affordable, and fitting a better range of lifestyles. I am really proud and excited to be able to share such cool(and controversial) earth friendly clothes with ya'll this season! :)

Recycling Dirty Diapers

The future is now upon us, those dirty used diapers that have been skanking up our planet's landfills by the tons each year are going to get a second life. A UK recycling company is now setting up it's plant to take on the specific job of turning used diapies into roof tiles, cladding, and plastic extruding/injecting products. That's how NOT biodegradable those diapers are, that they can be made into a roof later, (that is hardcore). Now let's hope the US and other European countries get on board with this program, cause the diaper debate has been a never ending guilt monster for earth conscience parents worldwide. And why waste time & landfill space when we could be constructing one of these amazing magic diaper transformation plants here in the US too!?!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Organic Summer Dresses Abound

The new spring organic dresses have arrived at The Oko Box now, so keep an eye on the website in the next week as these warm weather beauties will be available. If you are burning to have your organic frock right now, just shoot me an e-mail and we can set up a pre-order :) The 3 pictured here are all under $100, and made by Corsican designer Machja. Oooh, even the name is sexy, but that's because everything about being earth friendly is hot! (Kinda like this summer will be from Global Warming).
PS: Use the Free Shipping coupon "okolove" ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guest Author: Nick - Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day. The one day a year Americans rally together
to discuss how we can clean up the earth. One day then
it's back to polluting as usual. According to my
calculations that's .27% of the year. What happened to
giving it 100%? I've never heard, "let's give it the
ol' .27% try". Granted some might be educated just a
little bit more by having a designated day of
information and extra effort but to me it seems a
little superficial in the scope of things and by how
badly the environment needs our attention.
I do have hope for the world. Otherwise there would be
no point in trying. I am just wishful of the day we
can celebrate Earth Day as just that. A celebration. A
celebration of the beauty, purity, and cleanliness of
the earth. Earth Day for now, should be a reminder to
everyone to be more mindful of benefiting the earth
everyday. Not just the 22nd of April.
Happy Earth Year everyone!! And many more....

Thanks Nick For Your Earth Day(ehem, earth year) thoughts !
Love, Leslie @ the oko box

For a Good Earth Day Chuckle

For a good Earth Day chuckle, go over to the eco chick blog, and read about what NOT to do on Earth Day !!!

And enjoy being on earth today ! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hybrid Solar Oven

"The only Hybrid Solar Oven sold in North America! The Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven reaches temperatures of over 400 degrees."
I love anything powered by the sun, mainly because the idea of being self sufficient and further from the grid is just plain dreamy. The Tulsi Solar Oven is a special kind of solar gadget since it is a hybrid version that happens to have a plug in option- you know, to help you with the transition from plug to sun power. It's a fully functional cook oven with 100% solar power, and when using the electric plug on rainy days it uses only 25% of the electricity of regular ovens. It may seem like a pricey investment at $245 if you are feeling a budget crunch, but actually it comes close to the cost of a traditional toaster oven (which now can cost up to $400). Plus this earth friendly oven folds into a cool retro looking suitcase & comes with some little helpers:
• 4 stainless steel cooking pots with lids, hard black coated for solar UV heat absorption
• temperature booster panels to trap the heat of the sun
• 6' power cord
• 500° F/C thermometer
• oven mitt, instructional CD, recipes

Now my solar wish list is really getting long- solar shower bag, solar vibrator, solar oven...

Check out for more earth friendly accessories to life !

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Old Junk=Amazing Creations

During Mardi Gras in New Orleans every year I would witness a huge disconcerting amount of trash being tossed about, thrown on the ground, walked on, crushed, ignored and forgotten. Until Midnight when the police would force all the people out of the french quarter, riding on horses that fill the street from one end to the other announcing "mardi gras is now over". Behind them are clean up crews, to pick up the gross mountains of trash. This is why I am utterly excited and amazed at what designer Stuart Haygarth has done with trash, in particular with those pesky little poppers every kid pops endlessly during the Fat Tuesday parades...see the multi colored chandelier pictured above, that's made of poppers !!! (if only there was some redemption for Stink Bombs too!) Stuart's designs are all about seeing the beauty and functionality in the left behind bits and bobs. In re-thinking design and materials he has taken an phenomenal approach to an ugly problem, and makes me ask WHY do we make anything new if this is what can be done with the old!?! I mean seriously, look at the freaking incredible lighting solution made entirely of eyeglasses (pictured below)- the possibilities of innovating trash into glamour seem infinite when seeing something this smart.
Check out Stuart Haygarth's website for more.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enamore will You Be My BFF !?

Good Gawd I love Enamore's eco lingerie line! Not only are the pieces themselves unbelievably well designed, flirty, colorful and fantastic, but the photography itself is flawless & joyful art. Speaking from experience (since I own two sets of Enamore intimates) these are the kind of classic goodies you will relish wearing and go back to over and over again without ever tiring of it. Mine are made of a hemp/silk blend which is surprisingly smooth and shiny, but enamore's collection also has vintage, soya, and organic cotton fabrics. If the look and feel of it isn't awesome enough, they make each piece for you when you order! So if you have a special occasion, plan at least a month ahead so it arrives in time :)
This is high end lingerie- so luckily for those on an eco budget there's a reduction section where you can find the next to latest designs at discount prices.

Friday, April 18, 2008

*Make an Eco Wish*

I find that nearly everyday I am making eco wishes to myself, whether it be that I had enough money to buy Terra Plana ethical shoes, that I will start an Oko Box organic clothing chain store (outta my way creepy sweatshop stores!), or more often that I will solarize my house and live on an entirely sustainable farm with lots of wondrous organic gardens. I have kooky eco fantasies too, like turning off my hot water heater forever and just using the Solar Shower bag made for camping (but what would happen in the winter?).And the most extravagant eco wish: to have my own personal gluten free organic chef who cooks me locally grown food 3 times a week! :) YES!

What is your personal eco wish? Please share- big, small, or outrageous :)

Want an Organic Clothing Discount ?

Guess what?!? I am so freaken excited about the new Oko Box website, I made a FREE SHIPPING coupon just for ya'll... cause discounts are something to celebrate, and now we can celebrate together ;) !!! Yippee !!!

So here it is: "okolove" - now go spread some!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Clare Bare's Eco Intimates

Super exciting news for those of you who lust after eco lingerie like I do ... designer Clare Bare will be making special one of a kind panties and lingerie sets for The Oko Box! Yes! Clare's eco friendly designs are made entirely from vintage and salvaged fabrics, which she magically transforms into these elegant yet punk skivvies. Miss Piggy and Kermit never looked so hot! Using vintage fabrics means zero new production waste, which is about as earth friendly as you can get in a world so full of... well, too much stuff. Re-wear, re-make, re-use, recycle, upcycle, downcycle...any way you like it, it helps make the earth a better place ;)
Look for Clare Bare's designs @ in the next few weeks!

PS- update : will be @ the oko box May 5th 2008! See my most recent Clare Bare post.

Native Plants @ the Asheville Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of Asheville is so awesome, so full of native plants, so peaceful and perfect I kind of wish they would let me live in the funky old historical log cabin that sits in the center of the 15 acres. I would be 95% satisfied if my days were spent laying in fields of wildflowers and talking to animals like Snow White. In the meantime though, I can lay in the grass in my backyard, plant some native flora and talk to bugs and stray dogs :). Native gardening is essential to keeping a proper ecological balance, and each backyard really can make a difference. If you are interested in keeping it real(aka: less grass more nature) on your property, you can get all the info you need to get started at The National Wildlife Federation website. They have guides for every state in the US, so you can find out about all the plants and animals from your area - then once you get native gardening, you can have your backyard certified as a National Wildlife Backyard Habitat!

Be a Good Neighbor

Want to see all the ways you are already helping the environment and all the ways you can help even more ?!! Take the Good Neighbor Pledge with the National Wildlife Federation, and let the world know you are committed to helping out :) !!
The Oko Box was one of the first thousand who took the Good Neighbor Pledge, awesome-now it's your turn!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks Mom For the Biodegradable Plates...

I don't know about ya'll, but my mom really really really likes to send me random boxes of stuff. Sometimes she cleans out her house and gives me things no longer wanted and moldy (and maybe nobody wants it but Goodwill)- & unfortunately we don't wear the same shoe size so I can't partake in the endless boxes of 80's Heels. Darn!
The box I got from her this week contained biodegradable plates & bowls from Whole Foods, which are actually pretty cool because instead of the usual corn based invention (which is a common allergen), these are made from sugar cane fiber! If you have ever lived near sugar cane crop fields you will know that the left over sugar cane bi-products are just piled up in these huge disgusting mountains of dank smelly hell. This is much better used to make bio-plates for your organic picnic. There's lots of debate over whether reUsable plates that take alot of energy washing are less or more eco friendly then biodegradable plates you throw away. Personally, I go with washing and re-using.
BTW, my mom also sent me Goldie Hawn's Autobiography...uh, anyone read this? :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Website For The Oko Box has LAUNCHED!

OH YEAH! The new re-designed is totally and finally here! I know it took a little longer then was expected but was well worth the wait. If you experience any technical difficulties using the new site - don't fret - you can e-mail me at and let me know what the prob is, and we'll fix it right up. Also, if for some reason you are not seeing the new site, just give it a little time, every server will pick up the new site at a different time :)
You'll see that now you can have a wishlist, buy your loved ones gift certificates, and easily e-mail stuff you like to a friend right from that product's page! Also there are many new organic shoes and clothing, plus more summer fashion to come.
Please leave me your thoughts, reviews, comments, or any suggestions about shopping the new improved OKO BOX website...
YAY !!! YAY !!! YAY !!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yay For Organic Biodynamic Companion Etc. Gardening!

My organic garden is totally sprouting now, peas next to radishes next to kale next to lettuce - I am so excited about it (see pic, aren't they perty ?!)!!! There is nothing more awesome then planting a seed and watching it grow, it is such a powerful act yet so naturally simple. I use all sorts of planting methods mixed together in a weird melting pot in my mind of what i think works. Using organic principles, biodynamic ideas, companion planting, french intensive and then good advice from old people who know what's up. Like egg shells, if you crumple them up into pointy little bits all around your more succulent veggies(peas & squashes) it will prevent that mysterious chopping bug from hacking your veggie forest. The egg shells are like glass to alot of squirmy bugs and they won't cross over it. Another thing I do is put all sorts of repelling dried herbs around the plants...and to prevent bigger critters I will pour my used up Feline Pine Kitty Litter around the perimeters of the garden. Plus I plant the tried and true herbs & flowers that are said to gross out the bugs that usually want your vegetables, which sometimes works and sometimes I see those bugs eating those flowers. Possibly the repelling action is to attract them to that one plant so they don't eat the rest of your veggies?
If you have any tips, methods or experiments please share them here in the comments section, I LOVE to exchange gardening ideas !!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Want 100% Recycled Paper

I walked to my local Staples today to pick up some 100% Recycled Paper, but when I got there all that was on the shelves was 30% Recycled... not good enough! Luckily they had some hidden away in the back, and of course I talked to the cashier about how I am not going to buy brand new tree killen' paper when they can easily be 100% recycling all paper. She just smiled and thought I was an oddball, then I stuck my purchase in my hemp reusable bag and waved goodbye. ;)
I am so glad that big chain stores such as Staples are carrying more eco friendly products, but wouldn't it be so freaken awesome if there was some sort of eco-Staples that provided us with 100% earth safe products ! ? !

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Solar Vibrator

My first experience with something solar was a calculator, and being that I was in elementary school I thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world. I hated numbers, but I loved charging up that thing in the light. Some people are weary of solar powered gadgets, well ... cause what if the sun doesn't come out for a whole week and you are sitting the dark with nothing working. Not all solar power runs strictly on sun, and like my little solar calculator the solar sensations bullet vibrator can run on artificial light as well as the hot burning ball in the sky. So don't fret that on rainy days your special "toy" would be dead and useless, because once charged up in any light that baby is said to run for 2.5 hours! Wow! Maybe if i sit in the sun I can be charged up like that too ;) !?!
This is a worthwhile eco investment since it's only $31.50, plus like many people want their adult toys to be, it's in a discreet casing that happens to look like a cell phone or electric shaver.(Well not sure I would want my vibe to look like a cell phone OR a shaver, but that may be better then something more obvious!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time To Bliss Out

One great way we can help make the world a better place is by simply relaxing. Enjoy your day, enjoy the impending spring weather, enjoy your friends, and enjoy all the strangers who have so many things going on in their lives too. Just smiling at people when I go out makes me feel super good, so relax and spread some smiles today !
(I took this picture in my yard, of some big bumble bees playing together).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Great Green Giveaway Contest!

"The ultimate green competition is here! The biggest eco competition seen on the web yet (well, probably) has officially launched. You can see the huge list of prizes that you could win one (or more) of. Please read the entry details (there are FIVE ways to enter), and you can also read FAQs and the rules.
Currently there are 82 prizes with a total value of: $3,681 / £1,840 and counting*. If you wish to contribute a prize, please let us know. The competition’s running throughout the whole of April so there’s plenty of time to enter and there will be more prizes added so keep checking back."
Thanks to Life Goggles for making such a cool contest !!!!

Adventures In Babysitting

Last week I babysat for my cousin while she went to the doctor. Her two daughters came over to my basically toyless, zen house and wondered what we could do. I thought about my own childhood which was computerless, gadgetless, and very imaginative... I loved weird dress up games. Not just dressing up, but costumes which lead to dramatic performances & games like "hail to the queen" and "make the grandma laugh". I pulled out my vintage clothing box and asked them if they wanted to have a FASHION PARADE, where we could walk around the neighborhood waving to people showing off their fashion creations... immediately there was a resounding "YES"!
I really believe kids need so much less junk then we think, and in such a consumerist expensive world sometimes it's a great thing to just play with some old junk that's been around forever.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Playen' DIY Herb Doctor

I am naturally a witchy woman, I like to make odd potions and cures out of herbs and play doctor with myself. If you like this too, you might fall in love with this herbal literature from Mother Nature Inc. that is chapter by chapter advice on every ailment possible. Having studied herbs & nutrition for many years I find this info to be really well written and easy to apply. Learn how to make your own DIY Doctor potions :
"Results and information are for personal use only, are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or other conditions, and are not intended to provide a determination or assessment of the state of health."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Capitalizing On "Green" + "Porno"

Sorry to all you horny treehuggers, but the newest hot "Green Porno" film is not actually the kind of porn that 1 out of every 3 men are addicted to. This one is about bugs, to be specific it is about Director, Producer, Actress, Artist Isabella Rossellini dressing up like various bug species and having sex with fake bugs made of paper. They completely capitalized on the two hottest search words on google "green" + "porno" in order to quickly spread the buzz word on their series of short films. Whether this film will actually get ya hot & bothered is yet to be seen, but I have to say watching a real nature film about bug sex has always been fun... so maybe an avante guard one will be too!
"Green Porno is a series of very short films conceived, written, co-directed by and featuring Isabella Rossellini about the sex life of bugs, insects and various creatures. The films are a comical but insightful study of the curious ways certain bugs “make love”. “Green” echoes the ecological movement of today and our interest in nature, and “Porno” alludes to the racy ways bugs, insects and other creatures have sex, if human, these acts would not be allowed to be screened or air on television, considered instead as most filthy and obscene.

Each film is executed in a very simple childlike manner. They are a playful mixture of real world and cartoon. Each episode begins with Isabella speaking to the camera “ If I were a…(firefly, spider, dragonfly etc.). She then transforms into the male of the species explaining in a simple yet direct dialogue the actual act of species-specific fornication. The costumes, colorful sets and backdrops as well as the female insects contribute to the playfulness of the films. The contrast of this “naïf” expression and filthy sex practices adds to the comicality of Green Porno.
Green Porno is an experiment specifically conceived with the third screen, namely cellular screens, computers and ipods."

There is no official website yet, and I have only found interviews rather then videos. If any of ya'll find the actual "Green Porno" videos online, please link to it in the comments section here.

Our Trash Habit

We all know there is some serious mass consumption going on, we know that there are too many "throw away" gadgets and junk being made, and that trying to reverse this mindset is an experimental process of de-brainwashing modern society. The way I was raised was when something broke, you threw it away cause that meant it was crap. My mom actually couldn't sew, and my Dad was not the fix it type- my family was the anti-DIY tribe that is quiet typical these days. When I saw the photographs taken by artist Chris Jorden on the AUTONOMIE PROJECT blog I was totally shocked, not because I didn't believe consumerism was causing mountains of trash but because I had never really SEEN the mountains of garbage our society is creating. And honestly, I am grossed out... even repulsed. And am vowing to start reducing trash even MORE then I already have.
Here are a few sample pics, but go to Chris's website for the full reality of our trash habit.
(Below are photos of piles of cigarette butts and used bullet shells).

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Greening Trailer Parks

Here is a very interesting article from Mini Homes, about how Trailer Parks are already leaning towards being greener communties then your common suburban hood... so why not take it all the way and create these communties to be green from the start.

The Ecological Trailer Park - or - Small Lot Ecological Communities

"There is as much range in the quality of trailer parks as there is in neighborhoods, and firsthand experience of the quality of life in these communities is prerequisite for debunking many myths about the Trailer Park. Trailer parks, as a form of housing development are extremely light on the land and their infrastructure is nowhere near as disruptive of landform, soils and flora as any other type of domestic architecture. The land tenure is often ingeniously conceived, and results in common facilities (park, laundry, pools, etc.) that are truly a shared community asset. With an annual lease (including all park and service fees) of as little as $1000, one can redefine the concept of luxury - where do you spend all the money you save? (on a miniHome we hope!) 5km/hr. speed limits are the norm, and they often feature a common green space in the centre - which provides a wonderful place for children to run free and play and under the safe watch of the community, which is sadly no longer possible in the suburb or City today. The compact and moveable aspect of this kind of modular design lends itself well to urban infill, suburban infill and even sensitively planned greenfield and rural development.

So if trailers are already inexpensive and efficient to heat, can be designed with quality materials and for a contemporary market, use fewer resources to build, and are light on the land - what would a trailer park look like that were conceived on the basis of sustainable development - that sought after an aesthetic of natural beauty, of forest and unpaved streets, with community gardens and aquatic facilities powered by solar- thermal and solar-electric panels, that featured community-based power and heating and composting toilets?

We are currently seeking development partners and park owners to create and enhance current parks to this new standard. We have been surprised to learn that most park operators are well aware of all of the issues outlined above, and many are very interested in the future of their parks."
For more info please visit :

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sexual Health With Scarleteen

#1 thing to know about sex ed, is it's never too late to have sex ed... especially if you missed out on all the answers to your burning questions back in high school. Yeah, I figured it out along the way but when I stumbled upon Scarleteen I was like where were you when I was at St Mary's Dominican High School !?!?! By College I was so confused from all the 'Catholic Sex Ed' I would go to Books A Million repeatedly just to read all the sexual health books they had. I would sit down right in the aisle and read one book after another hoping to find answers to all my good ole' teenage questions... you know the ones Seventeen & Cosmo didn't cover!(ick)
Scarleteen however is the real deal. So go to Scarleteen to get your sex healthy, or have healthy sex, or sexy health, and always healthy sexuality ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

NWF's Guide To Attracting Nocturnal Critters

Five Ways to Attract Nocturnal Animals to Your Garden
(This Guide is from the National Wildlife Federation mag's spring issue, and YES you know you want to attract the creatures of the night because they rock as much as creatures of the light ;) )

Like their daytime kin, nocturnal animals have a few basic requirements: food, water and places to rest and raise young. Here are some tips to help you attract species large and small:

*Grow the nectar plants that pollinators on the night shift prefer. Good candidates for moths include native night bloomers such as evening primroses, yuccas, phlox, sacred datura and evening snow. If you live in the southwestern United States, plant agaves and columnar cacti, including the saguaro, cardon and organpipe, for pollinating bats. To attract giant silk moths, grow the host plants of their caterpillars. Oak, sassafras, maple, birch, ash, willow and cherry are a few favored larval plants.

*Avoid pesticides, which can harm insect pollinators and other beneficial bugs.

*Keep your bird feeders filled—they’re likely to attract more than just avian visitors.Flying squirrels, opossums and mice are among the mammals that might stop by for a seed snack. Nectar-feeding bats in the Southwest are known to sip sugar water from hummingbird feeders.

*Offer a drink. Like many other animals, bats everywhere are drawn to garden ponds and other water features.

*Supplement nature’s offerings with man-made habitat elements. Buy or build a bat house (plans are available at Bat Conservation International, Or construct a nest box for screech-owls (see the website of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology,, for proper dimensions).

NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program offers the information you need to make your yard inviting to animals during all times of the day. Once you create the haven, you can have your yard declared an official NWF wildlife habitat. To begin the certification process, visit