Monday, June 9, 2008

Laptops, Shysters and Organic Clothing, Oh My!

I apologize for the bloggin' delay. Turns out my Laptop that had died and was under rigorous autopsy may have been the victim of some crazy shyster computer repair guy (whom shall remain unnamed). With good instinct I put the fuzzy lies to a halt by canceling the new computer order & demanding my ole' laptop back- no one got beat up but strong words were exchanged and I got my computer back in my possession. My laptop had actually not died and seems to be running quite zippy now with a little help from my fav tech savvy buddies from Groovy Web Design (the dudes who created the new Oko Box website!) Thank Gawd my lovely ole' laptop is now in the process of being spruced up cause not being able to chat with everyone on here about organic clothing & saving the planet was driving me totally insane. Plus there's nothing worse then feeling like your computer will just go to some technology landfill mountain, to melt in this HOT global warming style inferno called summer.
So this picture here is of me today chillen by some recycle bins in my neighborhood. I am wearing an organic cotton Sun & Surf Tank, the Upcycled Denim Mini Skirt (which I make myself), Autonomie Project's organic sneakers, and my socks and bra (hanging out my tank) are both American Apparel. Yay! Maybe it's TMI but even my undies are handmade with reclaimed fabric by Supayana. I love knowing that every purchase I make has a lighter impact and supports eco minded consumerism. And I love stopping scammy rude computer repair jerks who try to take me down their dweeb spiral to hell.


Nickcoelodeon said...


Computer Repair said...

How is your laptop now ?

The Oko Box said...

A little defragmentation goes a long long way! Laptop seems to be quite zippy happy go lucky... YAY! Oh how i missed it.

Anonymous said...

Wiki says this about shyster:
The origin is most likely from German Scheißer - "incompetent worthless person," literally "defecator" !