Saturday, June 14, 2008

Upcycling an 80's Prom Dress

You may think this dress looks pretty hot now, right!? But it's former life was a freaky 80's formal dress that had puff frill sleeves bigger then my head, and full on wide sequin straps! This is my first upcycling job on an ole' prom dress that's tooooooo out of style and assuming how fashion evolves may never come back into style...kinda like thick plasticy polyester or formaldehyde laden paper dresses of the 60-70's. I have a thing for sequins though but with my environmental beliefs I can't be buying those shiny toxic diddies no more...unless they are on some thrift gown already.
I am hoping to sew a series of these party dresses and have them available at The Oko Box in time for fall/winter holiday parties! oh yeah! Would you sport this sexy beast?!! The tag said size 9-10, which seems about accurate except there is plenty room for flaunting some big sexy hips :)
Stay tuned for more upcycle creations, since this is my new obsession....

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Nicktron 3030 said...

You have so much talent. For reals.