Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stray Kittens - Oh My Gawd How Cute!

Yesterday evening I saw a little flicker of a tiny tail out the corner of my eye. When I walked over to my landlady's shed next door I was so super delighted excited clap happy to find that there were some little wee kittens living under the shed. A series of tunnels dug by the local groundhog provided a pretty cool place for the mama ( pictured at bottom) to have her babies.
I mean, just look at that adorable worried little white moustache face! Ahhhhh! How cute can they be, and there are three of them. 2 yellow and 1 calico cutie who was way camera shy. I had to sneak up on them to get these pics, quietly and from very far away- so please excuse the no flash blur.
This cat mommy is totally awesome. She is everything a cat mom should be- when I walked up this morning she bunched up, puffed, hissed, and came towards me - and I was scared. Awesome. But also, through those growls she squints her eyes and gives me looks of 'thanks for the food'. She's just doing her job, and I appreciate what a good job she is doing.
If they go to the local shelter, they will very likely be put to sleep. So me and my neighbor Heather are devising a plan to find homes and get them a little more domesticated, by means of tuna and canned food of course. :)


Nicky Nickletons said...

It's got a moustache just like a cute little furry Tom Selleck on 4 legs. I think I will call him Magnum. I got dibs!!

The Oko Box said...

I got dibs on the one not pictured, who is dark and calico. It reminds me of my BFF "kitty" who died last year. oooh. Must be the P Piper and lead them into my house!