Friday, May 30, 2008

Eco Peeve Friday: Noise Pollution

It may or may not have snuck by you last week, but I skipped out on my eco peeve friday. So this friday I have chosen a broad eco peeve that will cover a few problems. Yesterday when I was walking home from the bank I heard some really intense base which I thought was coming from a ghettolicious car. When all the cars flew on by and the booming continued I dreaded to think that it was actually getting louder with each step towards my house. By two blocks away I already felt myself starting to twitch - there was a drumming circle going on and it was next door to my house. From the road I could see about 20 or so happy hippy ladies very seriously banging the shit out of giant drums, a triangle, and who knows what shaped instruments. While I am sure they were having a good time the whole neighborhood was being subjected to their personal live music taste (something similar to a High School Mardi Gras marching band gone tribal), and being an all drum band it was F@#KING LOUD. So noisy that other neighbors were screaming out their window in between songs, and coming outside scratching their heads in annoyed amazement. Amazed at how that many adults got together and agreed that it wasn't totally selfish to create seizure inducing levels of noise at 5 o'clock on a weekday, in an otherwise quiet neigborhood. In my opinion noise pollution is a real problem in modern society because there is nothing worse for the planet then shit tons of angry edgy annoyed people walking around big cities. I know from experience the more high strung I become the less patience I will have for earth friendly endeavours since I am too busy seething with disgust at the noise level. Drum circles in the middle of a neighborhood are on par with my major eco peeve LEAF BLOWERS! Leaf Blowers are insanely noisy, pollute like crazy and make no sense at all. With the lack of exercise most people get they should go ahead and try a rake. Or even better yet let the leaves stay where they fall since they naturally decay and fertilize soil. Wow, just like nature intended and without man made fertilizers!
If you have a noise pollution problem in your area, look up your local police & the noise pollution laws. When I called my local police, someone else had already called and complained about the same drum circle - um yeah, and the police DID stop it. I can say though just like any good defiant hippy drum circle once the police began to drive away they played one last closing ceremony song...more quietly.

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