Monday, June 16, 2008


OK, ya'll this has nothing to do with organic clothing, organic farming, or fair trade... but in my own bizarre opinion it could have to do with health. Actually the bounce was just too funny not to share. My hometown is New Orleans- home of crawfish, Mardi Gras, the french quarter, hurricane katrina's wrath, freakish humidity and the dance style called the BOUNCE! Oh Yeya, ya heard me! When I first saw this video of a girl doing the "new orleans bounce" I could not believe what I was seeing ( you must watch that link!). What made it even more awesome and hysterical is that wikipedia actually explains what exactly the "bounce" style is :
Bounce music is an energetic style of New Orleans hip hop music, taking off in the early 1990s, but dating back to 1980s. It is characterized by call and response party chants and dance call-outs typically sung over the "Triggerman" (from the song "Drag Rap" by the Showboys) and/or "Brown Beat" (from Derek B's "Rock The Beat") samples. The genre maintains widespread popularity in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Southern United states, but has a more limited following outside of the Deep South. MC T.T. Tucker is noted as an early pioneer of the genre, and quite possibly its creator. The genre evolved quickly through the '90s. Throughout this decade the Take Fo' record label dominated the scene with artists such as DJ Jubilee, Da' Sha Ra', Willie Puckett, and Katey Red.

So WTF does the Bounce have to do with health? Well, it not only will make you smile, giggle and be happy just to watch the videos - but if you actually try to bounce you may just get the best workout of your life! Plus being that it is a sexually aggressive dance move it may improve your love life, especially when you show your partner that you learned to bounce at The Oko Box!
If anyone watches these videos and succeeds at learning to bounce please let me know...I am off to try and bounce...


Anonymous said...

Richid says: bounce for the juvenile dawlin. Our interpretive dance skills have gotten a whole new hometown angle.

The Oko Box said...

Hey Richid!
Yu know it...maybe we helped the bounce actually evolve, i mean those highschool dances we went to together could get pretty nasty even back in 1994! Yay boyyyyy.

Jiggly nick said...

I got mad bounce moves!