Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Postal Scale: Is There No Green Alternative?

There are some items for which shopping green and ethical is not only hard, but may be downright impossible at this time. Occasionally I buy something and kick myself after when I find an environmentally safe alternative just a week after making a purchase (like when I bought my toaster oven and then found the Hybrid Solar Oven that can also be plugged in as well as used in the sun). But here's one I just know no other option for: a postal scale. I actually bought this postal weighing scale on
ebay, which I assumed was at least supporting a small business (not an earth guzzling walmart). To my surprise I found "MADE IN CHINA" written really huge across the box, which immediately made me disgusted with the product and was swarmed with nightmarish images of little children being forced to put together my postal weighing device. Not only that, but does it contain lead?... the plastic surely smelled noxious enough for me to place it outside to "air out" a bit. Luckily it can be either battery operated or plugged in - so rechargables are an option and no batteries are an option too.
I really look forward to our future, when everything is made with the earth & people in mind, together in environmental & social harmony. Where we don't have to resist and contemplate each purchase so much, but can feel good knowing everything was created fairly & with good intention. Sounds like a nice fantasy right? I personally believe it can be a reality.
In the meantime though ::: Does anyone know some alternatives to things like postal scales?

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Master Nick said...

Yes. Why not make everything ethically? It's awesome you are trying though. You can sleep well knowing that you are a good person. Most people wouldn't take a second glance at the packaging or origin.