Thursday, June 12, 2008

Get Your Kinks, Quirks and maybe some Organic Clothing @ The Oko Box

Like every studious blogger and business person I track the traffic and keywords that bring all my lovely customers & readers to my websites. Sometimes when cruising through popular keywords googled to find my store & blog there are some *ehem* words and phrases that *ehem* are pretty funny and make me go 'hmmm'. In the tradition of many bloggers past I would like to share with you now those special keywords that brought many people with fetishes, secret thoughts, & questions to The Oko Box!
Let's start with...


*women in clear panties* - sorry to disappoint but "clear" organic panties have not yet hit the green market!

*hottest girls* - well, um, yes the grrrls of The Oko Box are the hottest and have gone wild!

*free toys for adults* - if only we were giving that away...wait, thanks for the idea!

*bootylicious underwear* - THIS WE HAVE! Go check out our majorly bootylicious selection!

*box condom* - hmmmm, can someone tell me what this is? Doesn't sound effective...

*large women in bikinis* - see, now we all need to stop complaining about our size big or small cause some pervert out there is searching for us on google!

*vintage boots sex* - saucy!

*women in undies* - yes, just plain ole' undie wearing women, make sure to check out our bootylicious selection above.

MY FAVORITE kink is::: *pica chu porno* - Wow! WTF? How did that get ya to The Oko Box?

Now for...


*small little money scam box* - uh, yes I think I have a small little money scam box right over here for you...huh?

*don't try this at home blender tricks* - oooh, what can you do with a blender away from home that you can't do at home, please share in the comments section :)

*tencel allergy* - Oh no, tencel is a natural fabric but it does go through chemical processing and I imagine would cause some chemically sensitive people some probs :(

*dress me up organic* - grrrl, you came to the right place I would l-o-v-e to dress you up organic , go to and get this party started!

*jewelry turned my skin green rash* - Yuck! That's why I don't wear metal anymore. yuck.

*fall punk wardrobe* - how interesting that someone is looking for a fall season punk style wardrobe, does this not seem ironic? Yet still, I can help! Have ya seen the Clean Up or Die Tank at The Oko Box yet?

And the WINNER OF QUIRKS is::: *prison box container guillotine* - cause who can live without them !?! And certainly we can help you find one.......

YAY for keywords! Did you find what you were looking for :) !?


Terrifnick said...

You didn't even mention some of the keywords I first used to find your store and blog but I will be happy to share them with your readers...

pumpkin sex pudding

disposable prostitutes

condom balloon animals

sexy oko models in organic lingerie and bathing suits

illigitimate pistol water flow

Your welcome and enjoy!

Thomas Constant said...


I am always amazed at the things that people search for, but I think that "small little money scam box" is a new one for me. Sounds like something I would of looked up a few years ago while trying to pay the rent and thinking that spending a little cash might make me some cash! :) I am really surprised that when they searched or free toys for adults that they didn't get just bombarded with the bad stuffs, or good stuffs depends I guess.

Kick ass post either way!