Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wilderness At Dark

At night as the sun goes down, i sit in my bedroom and listen to all the sounds of the creatures outside. It makes living remote alot less lonely when you know there is a busy world going on, right on the other side of the walls. Sometimes I go out onto my deck to listen too, but mostly I like to do it where they can't see me so I get the full effect.

I haven't seen all these critters- but here is a list of the things I have heard in the last 2 weeks:

  • Frogs mating
  • Toads mating
  • Bats, bunches of them squeaking in the trees, surrounding my cabin
  • A Bear, coughing outside the house (unless it was a stalker who isn't too good at stalking)
  • Owls, a screech owl and the barred owl
  • Crows and other small birds
I have found scat (poop) for rabbits, deer and raccoons - and was told by some life long locals that my area harbored bobcats too.

Thanks critters for making life exciting! Soon I am sure I will have met each one, face to face.


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