Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Sandy Mush: Nodding Trillium, Blood Root and Cassette Tape Dance Party

Yay! I got to go for a visit to Big Sandy Mush yesterday - in my GMC Jimmy... the drive was a descent into a deeper more green spring then I've been experiencing high on the mountain in Luck. Every moment was one of magic... seriously filled with butterflies, color, flowers, with various smells of trees, honey combs and blooms.
There were some of my favorite wild & native plants growing over there - and Bort dug up some blood root for me to take back with me to the cabin. He dug it up with a neat handmade 'shovel' cut from a piece of bamboo... (see pic below) ... (i like that alot!)We found some nodding trillium too! The flowers of the nodding trillium are underneath the three leaves (hence the name.)

But the party REALLY got started when Bort helped me fix the cassette tape player in my GMC Jimmy ---> which was holding a big ole' grocery bag full of my cassette tapes thanks to my mom who brought them all the way from New Orleans.

We opened up the doors and back hatch, and turned those old mix tapes on high volume... and of course when I hear things like Billy Idol singing 'Rock The Cradle Of Love' I naturally must jump onto the hood of my funky ole' truck and dance like the girl in the video did!!!

We blew on the wishie flowers (dandelions) but I forgot to make a wish.... not feeling like I have any wishes must be a good thing, maybe cause it feels like all my wishes have come true lately. :)

What was Bort's wish? I wanna know.
Bye bye Big Sandy Mush... the rain clouds rolled in and I rolled outta there back to the Luck Cabin.


Organic Clothing said...

Awesome idea. I would love to be able to put an organic garden in my back yard. Hopefully I can free up some time this summer because that would be a lot better than going to the super market every time I want to get my organic veges. Green On!

Gratuitous said...

soo... Bort, huh?

Bort said...

Dude get a loose fitting shirt,hat,gloves,leggings,loincloth and a bottle o SPF45