Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something's About To ChAnGe!

Not just my underwear, not just the moon, not just daytime into nighttime, not the seasons, and certainly not the tires on that monster in da' picture above.

Do you know what's gonna happen?



Erik said...

The vehicle behind you has achieved sentience, and is going to kill us all?

US Recall News said...

Did some poor guy ask you to marry him?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Erik! lol... gawd that is so Stephen King of you, if this car comes alive I think we will be playing for the same team. Then again....... that's not what happened in the movie. :0

US Recall News --->
well... do you mean "poor guy" as in he is so poor that the shitty truck I am standing in front of is his and we are running away in it?
Or maybe you mean that some 'poor' fella was willing to marry me, and oh how we all feel sorry for him. That would actually be three poor fella's in my life so far. I told them all...


HINT: my drivers license came in the mail (lost it last year at wrestling) and the license plate is being screwed on ASAP. This truck is mine.

Erik said...

OMG, it's worse than I thought.

The truck is evil. Run away!!!

Susie Collins said...

I'm thrilled you have a vehicle and driver's license Leslie! It's really so SMART.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

you are not allowed to watch late night horror. ;)

Smart and has a cassette tape player, my mom is bringing me tapes from new orleans this week! YAY