Thursday, April 29, 2010

Giant Mosquito on Native Mountain Mint

Does anyone know the purpose, function, life of these really big non-biting mosquitoes?

Growing up in New Orleans people said they ate the smaller biting mosquitoes and were good to have around, so no one ever killed them. But as an adult I am not so sure this is really what they do. People in North Carolina have told me that they lay eggs to make the smaller ones!??!
So which is it? Or neither?



Gratuitous said...

Not only are crane flies harmless (except their larvae may damage plant roots), they usually don't eat at during their winged lifespans. If they do, it's nectar, so no, they don't eat real mosquitoes. They can't even fly very well, which is why they spend so much time resting.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...


Another mystery solved :) !!!
I totally wish they really did eat the little biting ones though.


Gratuitous said...

Wow. Spam can get very deep...

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

it was too deep to leave up, i had to erase it's power. ;)

Anonymous said...

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The Caveman Teacher said...

To my knowledge, the adult cranefly doesn't eat, but the larval stage, which is a cool-looking large-ish aquatic worm, to my knowledge, actually does eat mosquito larvae...tho I could be wrong.