Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BAT in da' house!

Oh yeah baby, last night while I was cooking dinner I opened the door and stepped outside - when I stepped back in there was something flying around from room to room, while my cat jumped around in the air. At first I thought it was a bird - flying so fast it was like a brown flutter, graceful as butterfly wings - but I realized it wasn't hitting any walls, it was flying with phenomenal accuracy. I knew then it was a bat in my house. Yippeeee ....
It seemed to really like my bathroom - but did it rounds into each room, occasionally landing on a wall or hanging from the ceiling.
I tried guiding it out my door, but it was not having it - i even held up a broom and it would zip right around it. A few times it flew directly in my face, then an inch away would swoop around me - making a breeze created from bat wings touching my eyes. I tried putting on gloves and grabbing the critter off the wall to set it free, which didn't work either and was the only time it touched my skin, brushing against my arm.
Shortly after I tried to grab the cutie, he started flying very low to the ground and when I saw it making a b-line for the door I ran behind it - sliding across the floor and swung the door shut behind it! Bye bye lil' bat friend!
"Creatures of the night brought to Light!" - the last unicorn



Danielle said...

He's so adorable!!!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Danielle -

I sooooo agree with you. I think he might be grinning in those pictures :)))

Liberty said...

I love bats and enjoyed those pics a lot!
when I used to live in the country, we caught bats in da house by holding up a huge towel spread out (or blanket) and trying to catch it in it as it flew past, then wrapping towel gently and taking it outside. I can't recall how easy or hard this was but it did work :-D

Panne said...

i just walk in from watching the pair of bats that fly around my backyard every evening and ta da...leslie has one in the cabin.

your's look bigger than the ones here. they are only about the size of your palm here.

i see a bat house in your future...

Kittie Howard said...

What a cutie! Your baby looks like he/she's smiling. (And h/s's got the potential cure for some cancers, I've read.)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and wish you would post with photos every day.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Liberty ---> Next time I will try that, when i tried guiding it out with a broom at one point it barely hit it and it made me cringe. The blanket idea is way more gentle!

Hey Panne!
I made some bat houses with the gourds i grew last year, but I have not got to hang them up at my new house yet. :) I think I have three of them.
I totally want them around in case the summer brings mosquitos - although in this elevation not sure what kind of mosquito quantity I'll have?

I will have to look that up - but of course, i am already thinking, do they have to kill them to get the cure? I wish the cure for cancer was in something like grass.
or dirt.

Thank ya. I strive to, in spite of my recent descent into dial up internet :)