Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LIVE video: The Luck Cabin

Eva' wondered what I (Leslie!) might actually sound like, look like, walk & talk like? What the nature around me is really like... what noises the creek makes, what birds circle the sky?
Well, my friend Daniel took some live video last week...

I promise not all of it is as circling, shaky, car sick style as the very first scene trying to follow the turkey vulture - if that part makes ya' puker-ish to watch in the beginning then skip to the next scenes of serenity. (And I'll try not to be shy about the fact that I was actually filmed for the first time since I was probably 16 years old...)





Kittie Howard said...

Thanks for sharing your world...you say 'crawfish' and he says 'crayfish', both with a lovely Southern accent.

Panne said...

towards the end of the first video i saw what looked like grey sand in the creek. even if it's a bit coarse you could fire it to pre-explode the larger pieces and use it for your pottery projects. crushed glass works well as a replacement for sand and makes it glittery.

one of my artist friends here uses everything from bottle caps to critter bones for table top mosaics he sells.

with all the rocks you have around i'd be building a mud oven. http://thorin.adnc.com/~blogan/oven/

towards the end of the second video there is a tree or shrub near the creek with long shiny oblong leaves. do you know what it is? it looks like a paw paw tree. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pawpaw

Blair said...

Wow .. mystery solved. You don't have much of a Southern accent !! Mine's WAY worse.

Gratuitous said...

So now we know... your text accent is more pronounced than your vocal one! I thought it might have taken a little effort to bring that tone to your words, and I was right and it's the best thing eva'! And it turns out you really are a little thing. Those violets dwarfed your wittle hand. But don't get me started on the Downy Yellow Violet. It's not the flower, but the name: "Viola pubescens." Viola for the shape I get (or maybe the musical viola and even the shade of purple both get their names from the violet flower?), but the fact that "pubescens" means "fine hair" weirds me out if that's what "pubescent" comes from.

Anyway, nice to see you on one of your many nature walks. My only critique: What about "crawdad?" Between the two of you (as Kittie said), you've managed to cover 2/3 of the possible pronunciations. Just sayin' is all.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kittie!!!

Your welcome, i wish I had my own camera so i could film so much more.

I say "crawfish" cause my Paw Paw Teddy in Raceland, LA was a crawfish farmer my entire life growing up, and people who said "crayfish" were just the silly northerners. ;) We just figured they couldnt talk right.

Panne -->
I think the plant with the oblong leaf is the rhododendron ... i would re-watch the video to tell for sure but i can't load it up on dial up. It was also known as the "Mountains Laurel", which grew in a tangled abundance here. Some areas don't have much of it anymore, but where i moved there is a wild mess of it everywhere. They look very tropical. Their wood is poisonous to burn though, so it can't be used for kindling.

I will definitely look into the grey sand thing, i had just dug a hole and found some too... right in time to run out of rabbit poop. ha

I like mosaics, I havent done much of them, but with this clay idea, i would love to do alot more.

Blair --->
OK - ya'll are talkin' 'bout my accent and here is what i have to say....
It goes through ebbs and flows.....
when i am with some new, tired, and talking softly cause i know i am being filmed my accent goes into it's (well trained) toned down quiet version.
(I was self conscience about being on camera).
When I get very loud, excited, around family and friends, angry, at a party, ova' da' phone or at a cash register the accent turns into some kind of hardcore New Orleans dialect.
So in essence it depends on who I am around and how my surroundings (people and place) feel to me.

Gratu -- (read above for accent theory & real way to pronounce "crawfish" )....

I never knew the name of that flower, but I did note that it looked like a type of violet, Do you know if it is also an edible type?
I know about the purple and white ones being edible.... but never a yellow one.
And maybe the whole pubic thing is cause a violet resembles a Georgia OKeefe painting which resembles a You Know WHat! woo

Gratuitous said...

Well, sometimes it's used as a garnish, so it's not going to kill you if you eat it (the French sometimes candy them), but the young flowers and leaves are bland. A salve can be supposedly used medicinally. They're in the same genus as pansies, which are mostly edible and beautiful on salads. Interestingly, they have a compound that temporarily disables nasal receptors after sniffing. So if the first violet you smell has an odor, you probably won't be able to smell the next one. Cool survival mechanism! I'm
guessing the off-switch isn't triggered in the butterflies they like.

Ah, the chicken vs the egg conundrum. Seems like lips are a common theme in reproduction everywhere. Which reminds me, am I the only one whose noticed how much the modern suit resembles labia? You know, the v-cut lapels, the collars, the tie and its knot...

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Gratu -

I cant believe it disables smell receptors. That could come in handy. Like maybe I could grow a big bunch of them all around my composting toilet. Not that it stinks. But just in case. ;)

BTW- i never noticed that about the modern suit, and since my dad wore one everyday to work (and still does) the whole image of my dad wearing a big vagina is kinda gross.
But you are right. Very right.