Friday, April 2, 2010

Visitor's F-en Rock!

I was all YIPPEE when I saw this truck arrive, because it held my super good friends Heather and Phoenix. We used to be neighbor's in Asheville, and back when my seizures got really bad and I could no longer drive... i sold my truck, that golden Ford Ranger pictured above to Phoenix so that it would get some good use. How fun that it now brings them to visit me here in Hot Springs now!!!

The best part of the visit (and the only part before my camera battery died) was when I showed them the 'bog' of swampy mush mud and tangled trees, in a little spot that resembles something from the imagination of Jim Henson... something for other creatures or dimensions. Water has turned the trees every which way- up, down, braided, horizontal, exposed roots with large enough holes to crawl under. The area is like having my own small piece of Louisiana swamp in my backyard and I am enthralled with it more then any other section of land.

That is Heather, crossing on a multi tree'd tree....
And Phoenix, coming out of a root hole underneath another tree ( an old paper birch)!
Some trees almost made sense, but others had things going on that were impossible to ever figure out what had happened, how it was shaped - what was root or trunk?!? A history too old and twisted to ever read.

Me and Heather played on one of the most twisted bizarre trees of all. It was fun. :)
Heather also brought me beautiful gifts- scarves to make shirts out of and a tiny teacup from the thrift store. Thanks ya'll for coming to my remote cabin!!!

Bye bye!


linda said...

very delightful!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!

Did their staying in your house bother you? I have trouble when people (stepkids) stay here, even though there are procedures in place to try to minimize the damages. How do you deal with visitors? Do you have procedures for them to follow? Do you find the whole 'visitors' thing hard to deal with anyway?

As I type this, my ear hurts and my tongue burns from some chemicals that have been introduced to me via visitors. I just had their car moved out to the street (it has a deodorizer in it).

Anyway, it looks like you all had a lot of fun :-)

linda said...

Man oh man, eh... it can get complicated.

I finally had a visitor, and he was quite safe suprisingly enough!!! Must be one of the least toxic non-mcs people on the planet!

I think it was the blackberry that affected me more than anything else (I forgot to ask to turn it off if he had a cell phone)

The big problem was that he was allergic to cats, and I have 3 here!!!

Nothing in life is simple anymore!

Even meetings with kindred spirits!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Linda- thank ya, i thought so too.
You know, it's funny how someone comes to your house and has allergies, when you try to make yur house allergy free... i always have cats too, and even though my house will be totally 100% chemical free - between my cats and my somewhat pig pen dusty self, i have people sneeze and get allergies. I am thankful every single day that i am not allergic to nature or animals... if i was to be given a choice, i would have chose my life. :)

Amestress -
Having guests over when i was BAd bad chem sensitive was really horrible and hard- but i have healed enough that it is getting alot easier. One thing that helps is most all my personal friends are kinda earthy or have allergies etc, and don't use perfumes, stinky soaps, bad detergents. Other people, say like a delivery guy don't need to come inside the house so i never have to deal with it anyway. It seems like it only bothers me when i have to stand in a cloud of cologne so strong there's no regular air to breathe left - then i feel choked and nauseous.
It has taken me many years, but i have been on a steady incline for getting better - and am pretty sure i will eventually be normal again, but would never want to participate in the chemical frenzy that is modern life again.

I want to plan parties here during the war months, and had decided to have them outside only, i lucked out that i have a huge outside deck that wraps around most the house. I can dig a hole for people to use the bathroom in, if i don't want to overwhelm my composting toilet ;)