Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guessing Game! What is This?

Since the last game wasn't too challenging (everyone got it right!) I decided to go back to the harder more abstract bits of bio-mimicry.

Here are some HINTS::::

  • It is alive
  • It is commonly found in this region (western north carolina)
  • It can sing
Good Luck and have fun with your guesses!!!!!!



Erik said...

It's the spinal cord from a werewolf.

Liberty said...

cricket leg?
this is a good one!

Mr Lonely said...

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Gratuitous said...

Wow, it's a tough picture. I can't tell if the background is the body of an insect and the symmetrically spiked strand is its leg, or if it's a type of brick with some sort of plant runner like a vine. And plants don't "sing," at least not audibly as far as I know (interesting how they have so little vested in the world of sound, again as far as I know). But you said it sings, and it does look like an insect appendage. Now, there are several types of bugs that can be said to sing, and most are related, but there seems to be just a few predominate types: crickets, a few species of grasshopper, the cicada, and... katydids? There are several native types. But what's this about biol-mimicry? Now that throws me off. Can ya tell I'm annoyed? Must... have ... more... information. Dammit. I leave town for a coupla days and this is what I come back to?mellainn

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Erik -

Your imagination is WAY better then reality :) I so wish you were right.

Liberty -

YAY! It is totally a cricket leg! YOu got it first :)))))))

Mr Lonely --->
Maybe you wouldnt be so lonely if you didn't leave spam like comments and made them more personal.


Ha, I stumped you... but you got it anyway. I felt it looked alot like some kind of weird sprouting plant, or bone like structure... alot of things in nature mimic each other (just like you said about humans mimicking vaginas with work suits, and flowers too!)
Maybe flowers do sing and we can't hear them. Maybe thats the singing I think I hear sometimes that fades away. :)

Gratuitous said...

The singing you sometimes hear comes from yourself.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Gratu -
That was poetic and beautiful... just what i needed at the moment, thank you.