Monday, April 26, 2010

Forest & The Sling

Meet Forest. Not the trees and flora but my friend who came by the Luck Cabin for a visit. A true local mountain guy who is the spawn of Appalachian people of many generations past ---> and who was super sweet enough to make me my own handmade sling (like the girl uses to hunt with in Clan Of The Cave Bear!) He made the sling from upcycled leather of an old wallet and hemp twine, woven so tightly it has a spring to it.

Forest brought his sling too and showed me how to use mine...
Only issue was, I smashed my finger (on my right hand) last week between two huge rocks I was moving around to make a garden bed --- so he had to teach me how to sling rocks with my left hand.
It wasn't all that easy, but the hardest part really is to not be afraid to peg the other human standing nearby with a fast flying rock. Since it is a weapon that can actually kill things/break things.... mine did not exactly the sound barrier and making whipping noises though like Forest's did...
But I did get the hang of it, and slung a few straight shots!
Then with a little team effort we took apart the back of my GMC Jimmy because the back hatch wasn't closing anymore, and i was being choked out with car exhaust when driving....... (freaking gross) --- we didn't fix it 100% but we got the hatch to close again! yay.
AND we looked at plants around the cabin and in the woods. Remember how last week I saw this plant and asked if it might be a type of trillium... it's definitely not.
But it's "Spanish Plantain".
This next one looks just like mint! I think it might be the native mountain mint but it has a real strong herb smell similar to more of a bergamot, oregano type scent... Forest ate some of it and said it had a mint after taste. But I am pretty sure I saw him spit some out after ;)
Thanks Forest for coming to visit me ova' here in Luck, it was fun!!!

PS- btw, I can't believe how short tall people make me look.... ;)


Erik said...

I'm 6'11", I'd make you look like a pixie.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

erik - you lie! :)

Erik said...

OK, sorry. I'm 6'17".