Friday, April 30, 2010

Me and My Dad Hanging Mirrors

This might not seem like the biggest deal to an outsider, but hanging mirrors with my dad was special... and fun. And the word "bastard" was only used once, which was directed towards a mirror. My mom was super nice enough to buy me two fancy mirrors for the Luck Cabin, both of which I decided to put in my bathroom.

The first one was rather easy being it was small and only needed one hook to be hung.
The second big mirror, we pulled out a leveler, made notches on the wall, made use of the tape measure again and again- and generally I followed my dad down a path of perfectionism (a path I rarely take anymore)...
I would have left the thing crooked, but he wanted it done right. He said "I only want to ever do this once."
I am not sure I am prepared to see my own face this much when brushing my teeth or bathing or churning my composting toilet, but I guess I bettah' get ready!!! Doesn't it look so beautiful - my mom has such good taste and my dad did an awesome job making them perfectly straight. :) Yay for my family!


Bort said...

you shoulda had yer da hang one o those mirrrs above yer bed....HA!

Susie Collins said...

I love this story and photos, so sweet. Your Mom and Dad have earned great merit for the support they are giving you. Hats off!

Kittie Howard said...

Leslie, you look so happy, so peaceful. What loving parents you have. And the mirrors look great!!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Terrible. lol

Susie --->
Thanks so much, you know how long and hard I worked towards these goals and my parents have been my knight in shining armor! Hats off is right. :)

Kittie ...
It's true, i feel so much more relaxed lately- and peaceful. Nature has that kind of power over me, and luckily something does cause I don't have enough vices!

Anonymous said...

Your braids are awesome, your shirt is daring! (I could never wear something like that- I envy your style), your dad kinda looks like mine (or maybe he just reminds me of mine because of what he's doing), and your place looks like an MCSer's heaven. (wooden walls)

I think it's so cool that you photo-journaled this special event with your dad.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...


thank ya, i totally wish either i could french braid, or that i had a friend who could do it for me!
I look most like my dad out of anyone in my family --- i like too that his sideburns are gray but the rest isn't ...
i found two gray hairs a few years ago on my head, and never had another.
(I totally love wood, chemical free...!!!) F' MCS !

Anonymous said...

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Wild Canary said...

this is one of my favs...Leslie. I like most of them. Seeing your Dad help and knowing the mirrors were from your,..Susie is right about thanking them...from me has helped me out alot and it is really special when it happens...Best of LUCK in the LUCK cabin. (Sure glad the mirrors went up with a perfectionist performing the duty:)