Monday, April 5, 2010

Showing Daniel (more on why visitors f-en rock...)

That's my friend Daniel... a guy who's living in the city & was needing a nature fix.... something I can provide in endless quantities. We went for a walk along the creek beginning at my cabin and following the road. In the picture above that may look like a creek he is crossing but actually it is the road to my driveway - the creek that crosses it is kinda big in one spot.

We saw some cool things today, beginning with low flying turkey vultures circling over head...
Neat trees, so many i wish i knew what they were, what their purpose is. Can anyone identify what the tree below is by it's bark? It was quite large and I don't recognize it. That is Daniel in the background next to it , he was throwing big rocks into the water - boys like to throw and breaks things, and sometimes so do I.
There are some beautiful signs of spring happening now - tiny flowers and the succulents are varying their colors and getting more lively and plump. Purple is my favorite color... so these awed me...
Water does magical things to trees- weather, decay, rain, shaping it's dead wood into something sculptural, something i want to wear as a mask, or crawl into and live.
I don't know how I did it, but i totally match the moss in the background. My decorator mom would be proud. ;) (BTW, those are mardi gras beads I am wearing that where my Mimi's, she'd used for a flapper costume... i was feeling her spirit today!)
Thanks so much Daniel for coming to visit me & letting me show you my pieces of nature, even if I am a spazzy recluse. At least I am less dangerous then a brown recluse.
PS- a real live video... not my usual slide show but a moving picture video will be coming soon thanks to my friend Daniel and his cool camera! Ya'll will love it.



Bort said...

Oh my goth!Git that city boy outta thar fore he hurts hisself!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Inside all of us is a survivor right?
Jus' like in the zombie movies!