Friday, April 9, 2010

Clearing A Space For My Organic Garden Part 2

With just these two hand tools - a saw and some clippers I have single handedly been slowly clearing my space for the organic garden! Ya'll might remember how overgrown the last pics were, check out the headway I am making now !!!! This is so harrowing a task that it makes me proud...
See the tiny me, sawing a tree sapling in the picture above? This space not only will grow much of my food, like organic vegetables and herbs but also I am making sure there is a sunny spot for my future chickens and donkey to roam. :) I am getting chickens for eggs and the occasional meat bird when my diet requires it - the donkey is for transportation, companionship and love. Love especially, I feel maternal sometimes.
I am stacking big piles of the brush and saplings for later use, for animals to hide under and hopefully to build with --- maybe make some bows and arrows for fun.

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