Saturday, April 3, 2010

Guessing Game: What Is This?

Here is one that might be too easy for some, but baffling to others.
Try and guess what this is!!!

Helpful Hints:
  • It ain't ya mama's lemon poppy seed dressing that's been in the fridge for 5 years
  • It's gonna get alot bigger


kevin said...

eggs, frog eggs or fish eggs I'm not sure though

Erik said...

Frog sushi!

Suz said...

They sure look like tadpoles.
The "textures" and colors in your photos are so amazing.
Belated congrats on the beautiful new digs!

Kittie Howard said...

tadpoles to be

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

YAY! finally an easy one everyone could get. I shoulda known you all know your nature. :)

It is the first few days of life for a tadpole. Frog mating season is fun.