Sunday, April 18, 2010

Toots At The Luck Cabin

I love my kitty Toots (pronounced like "tootsie roll")... she's my little buddy who used to sleep with me every night till she discovered the loft in the cabin. The loft is now Toot's private dark oasis. But here are some pics of me and her enjoying our time exploring, sleeping and playing together... (before the loft thing happened!)
Me and Toots in the morning pictured above and below is Toots on a rock in the creek.
And her protecting her territory, the ladder to the loft....



Mokihana and Pete said...

Kitties are ruesome. You two cuties look so at your home in Luck.

Susie Collins said...

So cute, my head exploded with the cuteness. Are you bummed she's up in the loft? Why aren't YOU up in the loft?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

We are at home :))))

Susie --->

So happy to explode your head. Toots makes me explode my head everyday. :)
I am soooo bummed she loves the loft more then sleeping with me for now, cause since i got her she sleeps with me every night. I am not up in the loft cause I like sleepin on the ground floor - but come the coldest part of winter and i will be up there too.

Susie Collins said...

Kitties always find the warmest, coziest place in the house. You'll be two snug bugs up there in winter.