Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Millipede Or Centipede?

This alotta legged friend was hiding under a piece of fallen birch tree in a creek - he almost got washed down with the water, and these pics are from when he was recovering from his near death experience. Or maybe they can float for a while before drowning?
I was thinking centipedes and millipedes are so similar and i had to look up what is the difference to figure out which one this guy is... and I still felt confused cause people on the interwebs are mixing them up too. All this talk about legs sticking out compared to legs underneath...

Click HERE to see a large version of the chart that shows the difference.
Looks like my guy is a Millipede fo' sho' !

I just hope he's not as sad as his wittle face wooks. Awwww. I luve him too much.


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Susie Collins said...

That is a millipede. Centipedes are flatter and the legs have a space between them-- I know those suckers too well, we have them here and their sting is NOT FUN.