Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clearing A Space For My Organic Garden Part 3

Remember this crazy sh*t? I have been clearing this spot slowly for the last month, because it is the only sunny spot on my land and was already somewhat clear due to it being under the rural power lines. I lucked out majorly when my cousin Matt came over the last 2 weeks with a chainsaw to move all the big trees that had already been felled - then he came and tilled the space yesterday!!!!

Most the clearing was done with just clippers and a handsaw - the chainsaw & tiller are the sprinkles on my happy cake! I have already started to put out some seeds including carrots, collards, lettuce, turnips, broccoli raab, green beans and red onion sets. And I am not going to stop there, in about a week I am going to set out all the hot plants like squash (winter and summer varieties), cucumbers, melons, and those unreal penis shaped peppers I bought ... :)
In the large tree stumps that were hollow, I filled them with dirt and planted lettuce, kale, dill and chamomile in them ... the kale is already sprouting! Dead tree stumps are like big awesome pots to plant in. (Thanks Matt for the cool idea!)
Woo! Can't wait till it all grows and I can eat it all up! It's worth every second of 'hard' work.



Kittie Howard said...

You and Matt accomplished an awesome amout of work in a short period of time. That soil looks really, really good. Looking forward to some pics with the finished products. (And, yes, that is a cool idea to plant in the stumps, yea, Matt!)

canary said...

This last picture of your garden and beyond is SO beautiful. Looks like an Eden. And your cabin is amazing, and all the wood looks so rich and warm. The clearing you've done for your garden is also amazing. It's a joy to see your new Lucky home and its garden of Eden surroundings. Also, the amount of work you've done on home and garden is inspiring. You're a dynamo.


Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks Kittie ---
I am actually kinda surprised how far I got with this project in such little time. Determination to save money and grow food can really make ya a power house! ;)
I also set a pace, and mapped out bit by bit in my mind - inn order to keep it from being over whelming i would not even look at the whole thing, only choose a small piece to work on each day- then kept my fingers crossed someone like my cousin Matt would show up to get those trees and tilling done! woo

Canary --->
It totally feels like an Eden. Sometimes when i am feeling old stress and tension still running through my body, and stop and look around me and breathe. It works.

Anonymous said...

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