Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tiny Choices Survey

TINY CHOICES SURVEY! Come take it with me !
*Vital statistics (name, age, location*, link to website/blog)?
Leslie, 30, North Carolina, ,

* How do you reside (apartment or house, roommates)?
(I'm about to move but...) Tiny one bedroom, one bath house downtown Waynesville.

* Are your housing decisions dictated by choice or necessity? Please explain.
Necessity, in that I have health problems(environmentally friendly seizures) which prevent me from driving almost ever- and so even though I live in a rural area I live in the heart of the town so I can walk to the post, health food store, craft store, thrift store, ...... And money & health also dictates which town I live in.

* How do you travel (transit, car, etc)?Are your travel decisions dictated by choice or necessity? Please explain.
I travel on foot mostly(necessity), very rarely I drive a truck I have had for a while, but only within a 3 mile range of my house and it takes about 6 months to use a tank of gas. My town is too rural for buses, but there is some county van that will come pick you up...I have never used it.

* Tell us about a Tiny Choice you’ve made in your life.
To go to the farmers market every week & to start promoting eco lifestyle choices through my eco fashion store. Alot like "Wildlife Works", it's activism through consumerism, which gets at the heart of our pollution problem.

* What is the one environmental dilemma you personally struggle the most with?
Flourecent energy saver light bulbs, the weird light they put off hurts my eyes so bad I can't use them. Instead I try to keep lights off most of the time by opening the shades and using sunlight, and buy long life bulbs.

* What is one Tiny Choice you can make in that direction?
To always turn off lights (which I do), to use low wattage lights (which i do), and to use natural sun and moonlight too (which i do :) )

* What is the one environmental Tiny Choice you make that people question (in either a positive educational or a negative hassle way) you the most about?
Using Non Toxic Cleaners. People really do want to believe that no one would ever sell them a product that could harm their health. And so, I hear alot, with many environmental issues, that if it was reallllllly that bad, they wouldn't sell it or do it.

*What is the one environmental Tiny Choice you would like every single person to adopt?
Stop shopping at walmart & the mall and support your local community instead. Eat Organic and Local too !

* Do you feel like you make sacrifices for environmentalism? Please explain.
Bagging recycle isn't a hassle, eating organic is yummy, walking is way more interesting and healthy then driving, keeping lights off doesn't take any effort- it all seems pretty easy to me. The only hard part is $affording$ it - it takes a little more income to keep up, but is so worth it in the end.

* Are you generally: optimistic, pessimistic, neutral about environmentalism and the future?
Optimistic in every way- humans are inventive and adaptable. If people are informed, have choices, and see what is happening, if they are effected directly by it they will get motivated. Creation and Destruction are the natural cycles of life, I look forward into a future of helpful inventions/decisions and try not to focus on what we've already destroyed.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN ! :) Go take the Tiny Choices Survey @

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