Monday, March 24, 2008

Love= Feline Pine Litter

Holy Toodles! Do I love Feline Pine !?!! This litter is completely natural being that it is made of 100% pine pellets and has zero fragrances added...meaning it smells like a lovely forest or the lumber aisle at Lowes. And it actually does what all cat litter claims to do, and that is neutralizes the funky urine odor you wish your indoor cat didn't produce. To me, Feline Pine is the most hypoallergenic cat litter on the market, although there are other natural alternatives made of wheat & corn, pine is not a common allergen to cats or humans. Puuuuuuurfect ! It's so awesome that my cats get excited when I pour the fresh pine in their box ...although they never seem to stop being scared of their own poo (you know when they use it and then haul ass out of the room). Meow !


Nickcoelodeon said...

I recently started using Feline Pine as well! The discovery was as exciting to me as Orville and Wilbur must have felt upon their first successful flight in Kitty Hawk!!! Yeehaw!

Nickcoelodeon said...

I hear there is a good corn based litter also!