Sunday, March 9, 2008

One ReUsable Pad At A Time

"Goods 4 Girls was started to help young women gain access to better menstrual products. Our goal is to help these girls live their lives and go to school without fear that what they are using during their period will fail. We provide coordination for women who are interested in sewing or otherwise donating new, reusable menstrual pads to areas of Africa where obtaining high-quality products is difficult. Working in concert with aid and relief organizations, we identify areas of need and have the ability to distribute the donations where they are most needed."

Donating is relatively easy. Just follow the steps below and you'll be on your way.
If you want to send a cash donation:
1. Make your check payable to "Goods 4 Girls" and mail to the address listed on the Contact Page.
If you want to sew your own pads:
1. Follow one of the many patterns listed on the Patterns page. Make sure the pad pattern includes "wings".
2. Select a fabric that is cotton flannel and include a waterproof barrier in the pad.
3. Choose a fabric pattern that is simple. Solids, stripes, checked or other simple patterns are what we are looking for. Keep in mind that some "fun" patterns may be considered offensive in other cultures.
4. Mail the pads to the address on the Contact page.

If you want to buy pads for donation:
1. Visit one of the many online stores* that sell pads fitting the descriptions above (i.e. cotton flannel with a waterproof barrier in simple prints and with "wings").
2. Have the online provider mail the pads to the address on the Contact page.
Update: We are also looking for donations of waterproof carry bags to add to the kits that will be sent to the girls. You can find them here and here.
*Online stores Dianne's Diapers -: Buy 4, get 1 free + free shipping (delivered locally!) on orders donated to Goods 4 GirlsMamaCloth: : Buy 4, get 1 free on orders shipped to Goods 4 GirlsNew Moon Pads - : Get 30% off + free shipping on orders donated to Goods 4 GirlsLunapads -: Offering Goods 4 Girls kits and G4G Lunapanties kits at a discounted price GladRags - : Offering Goods 4 Girls kits with free carry purseParty in my Pants -: Buy 2, get 1 free on orders donated to Goods 4 GirlsRCD Boutique -: Each pad $3 + free shipping on orders donated to Goods 4 GirlsPunky's PadsWallypop Pads
If you are a provider of menstrual cloths, contact us if you would like to be listed.
At this time, donations are not tax-deductible.
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