Friday, March 28, 2008

Mini Maxi Troll Bag

"Reisenthel Foldable Trolley is a smart, helpful companion for urban / commuting shoppers. Proven German design is a hit in Europe and new to the US. Holds about the same as two standard brown paper grocery bags. Folds into itself creating a zippered pouch with carrying handle. Easy to carry when empty. Once ready to be filled with groceries or other items, simply unzip, snap wheels into place, and pack."
Ok so this troller won me over on, and the fact that it had like 30 reviews and 5 stars was pretty convincing too! I was so super happy when it arrived quickly in the mail (much quicker then they predicted) and it came in this cute little compact briefcase-ish carry bag (which is the bag itself folded into itself- and that's me holding it in the picture.)This is what I will walk your Oko Box packages to the post with and get my organic & market groceries in :) !

PS - it comes in three colors : Black, Red or Orange.


Corinne said...

This looks so cool and makes me look forward to summer when we can walk to the grocery store and hang out at the farmer's markets. We're thinking of ordering one!

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