Thursday, March 27, 2008

Natural Hair Extensions, Hair Falls, Punk Hair, or Whatever ya Call It

Hell Yes! This is the kinda fake hair that rocks the world and according to the Etsy Designer may scare your boyfriend too. These Lovely locks are made from all sorts of natural materials (some of which you may or may not take issue with depending on which side of PETA you are on): including Alpaca Wool, Colonial Wool, Rabbit Hair (AKA Mohair),corn silk, and Cashmere. Style N Flair makes these extensions in various lengths, colors, plus some curly, some dready, some straighter. Whatever way you like it, this crazy hair is sure to get you many glances, or er, long stares. I would suggest wearing it to important business meetings, church, funerals, honor societies, & grandmaw's house... YAY!
Pictured above is the "Lapis Lazuli Funky fine Fibers Hair falls extensions Scare your Boyfriend A New You", awesome... and you can buy these @


marianne said...

it looks gross

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