Sunday, March 16, 2008

Global Goddess is a organic fashion dream come true! Not everyone has access to endless advertising money and inside designer secrets, not to mention the fashion industry itself it's pretty hardcore... just look at those mags in the grocery line. I love Esty because it is place for eco fashion & crafts to bloom, without all the cut throat BS of trying to climb to the top the old school way on the runway. Etsy IS the new runway! Pictured here is a super cute Deer Dress from GLOBAL GODDESS, who uses all sustainable, recyclable, organic fabrics to create her comfy & unique eco designs. Many of them have cute appliques like the deer, birds and plant life - plus she makes the most ginormous crochet hoop earrings you can ever ever find! In my opinion the more huge the hoop, the more tough you are :) - and the better!
Check out her globe and goddess friendly shop @ .

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