Sunday, March 16, 2008

Indigenous Designs Is Worken it

This lovely Organic Kimono Wrap Sweater by Indigenous Designs is made of 55% organic cotton and 45 % tencel making is luxuriously soft and silky smooth. Hand Woven by villagers in the most remote & impoverished regions on the globe, these are clothes that come with a purpose, a story, a triumph, and native craftsmanship passed down for many generations. That is what really makes it awesome! Indigenous works their butt off at social justice, fair wage, fair trade, high environmental standards, and flawless quality of design. They totally succeed at covering all categories of concern - all this planet saven' plus being nice & fair to people all over the world too! YAY!
The papaya colored Kimono Wrap Sweater will be available this spring @ :)

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