Thursday, March 20, 2008

ReUsable Everything

The concept of recycling is pretty awesome and I think it really could be taken much further into mainstream materialism, where it really belongs. We have created alot of junk and what better way to make new junk then with the old junk, and even better is to buy reusable recycled everything so that more junk isn't created. Totes, grocery bags, drink containers, lunch boxes, batteries... why make anything that's not recycled or recyclable even available (um except that it's a free country and free to destroy ). This lunch tote pictured here is made from used juice cartons and re-fashioned into this cute bag by a women's cooperative in the Philippines. There are so many cool products like this available now I truly believe one day this WILL be the mainstream way of making things.
If ya haven't already go get your very own reusable bag, Thermos, lunch tote, everything @ - and if you want your groceries carried in something hempy from ecolution go to .

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Nickcoelodeon said...

Ok! Ok! Ok! Oko! Saving the planet one bag at a time!!