Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gaia Conceptions Revisited

Super Dee Duper Good News::: Gaia Conceptions will be @ this spring, with her beautiful designs that are kicken' butt on her Etsy Store. Designer Andrea sources the finest quality fabrics, including local organic cotton, hemp and raw silk, and then hand dyes each piece with low impact dyes. This type of in house production is the most eco friendly you can get, next to buying used/re-wear clothing. The fabulous thing is each design is made special for you when you order, and she carries sizes XS-XL (which not all organic designers do). And with pages of feedback like this: "I must say that this is my new favorite skirt! I couldn't be any more pleased. The color is great, material soft, and it fits perfectly. Thank you!" You know you are in for an organic treat ;)

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