Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mason Jar Blender Trick

Here's a blog post from TINY CHOICES that was too good to not pass along !!!

"Stop the presses!(what presses?)
Did ya’ll know that you can screw mason-type jars directly onto the base of a blender, thus bypassing the regular blender container, so that your chopped/whipped/blended/ground stuff ends up directly in the jar, which you can then use for storage? This also saves the steps of washing the blender container, which thusly saves water/soap/time.
This is going to come in SO handy for:
*Making a smoothie for when I’m running out the door and need to take it with me
*Making homemade peanut butter, OH MY GODDESS.
*Making whipped cream directly in a jar, for when I need to bring it along to a party or picnic
*Pre-grinding flax seeds for smoothies and as an egg replacer for vegan baking. I’ve pre-ground flax before and kept it in the freezer for use as needed– does anyone know if this negatively effects the nutritional content of said flax?
*Pre-chopping walnuts and storing in the freezer for my favoriate amazing banana bread (I modify that recipe by using all whole-wheat flour, no sugar, and adding walnuts and/or dried cranberries. And I make two loaves at a time, because I pretty much eat a whole one the day it’s baked.)
Apparently you don’t want to try this trick using hot liquids. Pressure, explosion, ouchy. Also apparently, you don’t want to use thin glass jars (such as mayonaise jars) but only thicker ones (such as pasta sauce, canning jars, etc).
As an aside, from the same site, these banana cookies look delicious! Again, I’ll try them using whole wheat flour, little to no sugar, and egg replacer… heck, I live on the edge. I love my vegan baking attempts, though my 5-year old nephew just said he doesn’t like my cookies. Broke my little heart. Though not deeply enough to start using white flour and processed sugar. :)
Do ya’ll have any handy kitchen tips like this, which our grammas probably knew but we didn’t learn because we were young whippersnappers? Share yours in the comments!
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Thanks !!!!


Liberty said...

This is amazing Leslie!!!!!!
have you tried it yet? If so, what for and how did you find it?
I just checked and some of my pasta sauce jars fit my blender! wow. wow. wow!
Very exciting (I'm easily amused ;-)

The Oko Box said...

Hey Liberty I didn't try it, but after posting this a few of my friends did and said it worked!
Very cool - tell me what happens.