Monday, March 24, 2008

Condom Couture Dresses

These gowns are made entirely out of reject factory tested condoms! You heard me right...condoms that broke during testing (makes me squeamish to think of it), and now they are designer works of wearable art. If you are super fascinated by condom clothing go to to learn what makes these a political & eco statement. In the meantime, gawk. :)


allimarshall said...

Oh, so wrong. I'm all for recycling, and I'm a fan of the paper dresses and chocolate dresses and all, but condoms?!

Nickcoelodeon said...

Hooray! Whole new options for sex....Leave your clothes on tonight honey. I'm feelin frisky!.......From the looks of it you can use each one of those dresses about 1000 times before you have to toss em!