Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sustainable Seed & Nut Jewelry

I love jewelry, but not the metal kind. Sustainable, natural, made from seeds, hemp, tagua nuts, glass, stone, shells... and this is not a hippy preference but a healthy one. Metal on my skin gives me a reaction (as in red itchy blotches and rashes). The seed necklace pictured here is from the Etsy shop NOMAD - which is so totally natural that they ask you to lovingly oil your seed necklace and keep it from getting wet (will it sprout if exposed to neck sweat...if so, that would be very cool !?!)
Tagua Nuts also make fab sustainable accessories that look similar to the seeds here, and need not be oiled ;) . Tagua is known as "Vegetable Ivory" cause it's rock hard, can be carved like tusk ivory, is smooth like a piano key, it's harvested sustainably and nobody killed an elephant to make it. Vegan & Eco Friendly- the perfect combo!
To see just how fabulous a tagua nut can be check out .
And get your seed necklace @ .

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