Monday, March 31, 2008

Put Together A Hot Eco Outfit With Etsy

I was feeling a little sad when another eco blogger (who shall remain anonymous) said icky things about my true love being mostly crunchy and a home EC Project. So I put together this hot little heels & dress combo which is 100% eco, and not at all granola- but certainly 80's punk rock, and maybe even a little punk slutty too. ;) All the crafters on Etsy are working hard to bring us cool hand crafted things, something greatly needed in our overly manufactured modern lives. I really appreciate the love, thought, time and patience put into handmade goods... spread the love by choosing handmade over sweatshop slaved.
(Dress is made of Soy & Organic Cotton Blend, and the pumps are vintage!)
PS- What's so bad about crunchy Home EC anyway?


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